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    There's a recognition that you want bigger breasts without shame. Although it may be difficult to get bigger breasts without surgery but there are some tips here that can help you to get bigger breast. If you want larger breasts, you have to some chest exercises, try some of the medical equipmentor to work together to make your breasts look bigger. Here are some tips that makes your breast bigger:

    1. Doing some Exercises

    Start doing Pushups

    Push-ups are not only the good exercise for the triceps but also can strengthen chest muscles which are below the breasts.  Doing excessive amount of push-ups, so that they can stretch your arms, begin by making only 2 or 3 sets of 10 push-ups in a day if you are already strong enough. If the push-up is advanced to you, begin with 3 sets of 5 and start towork your way up. As you are a professional push-up, you can "push" yourself each day to do it.

    Lifting weights.

    Go to a gym and working with a trusted advisor, if you are intermediate to this method. This is also agood exercise that can help to build-up the chest muscles. All you need to do is find some weights which are strong enough to have an effect, but not so hard, they put pressure some where around 6-11 weight and raised in the air.

    Do crunches.

    These exercises will cut some belly fat and build-up the abdominal muscles.
    Adjust the arms at the sides and knees bent. With feet and arms still on the floor, sit down. Then leaned back with the arms and legs in the same position.
    Repeat 10 times in a day. You don’t need to exaggerate, so about 1 or 2 sets per day are ideal.

    2.Adjust your diet

    Increase some weight.

    It's good. If you want to really get bigger breasts naturally, all you need to do is to increase some weights. Your breasts will fulfill your thighs, stomach, which tends to increase pounds more easily than in other parts of your body together. You cannot need to gain weight in order to get bigger breasts, but it can increase your breast. To increase weight, simply increase your calorie intake, focus on the more fatty foods like cheese and sweet foods such as cookies

    Eat more foods containing estrogen

    Estrogen is a female hormone which is important for growing the size of the breastamong others. Despite your body produces estrogen naturally as you complete dadolescence and even 18 or 19 years, no damage concentrate on consuming more foods which contain estrogen to help breasts become a bit larger.

    You can also check What foods make you gain weight How to become fat and best foods that help you gain weight

    Eat foods which contain phytoestrogens.

    Phytoestrogen is very useful when estrogen levels are low when phytoestrogens accept and increases the size of the breast. Research have shown that phytoestrogens pills which increase the amount of breast tissue in pre-menopausal women, and many delicious foods that contain, so there is no loss to add to your diet.

    3. Make your chest look bigger

    Wear the right bra for you

    Studies have shown that up to eight of every 10 women wear the wrong size bra. Wearing a bra that is very small, can actually make your breasts looking smaller, not bigger and wearing a bra that is too large, your breasts hanging flexible and so, can make more look small they are. This trick is making your chest look bigger? Dress your perfect bra.

    Use a push-up or padded bra.

    This is an easy and simple solution - no need of material. A padded bra may make your breasts look a little bigger, and a push-up bra may take it to the new level. If you are in the shop for a push-up or padded bra you should get a try before you use, as you should do with anoriginal bra. Be sure that you do not get a bra that is padded so obviously which have grown the size of your breasts - a little uncomfortable.

    4. Be Smart and safe

    Never use any pill for bigger breast

    Few birth control tablets are popular to grow the size of the breasts. However, you should not go to the nearest doctor to get a medicine for birth control pills only for this intention. If you just start sexual activity, are suffering from difficult times, or there are other reasons, want to try the pill, then talk to your doctor if this is the right decision or not

    Be patient.

    If you are a girl and your breasts has not yet reached its full size. Adolescence affects allindividually, and although you feel that your breasts may have arrived at full size and of course can also grow in late adolescence or still later in some situations as part of its growing process. When you get older, you naturally gain some weight, or you take the pill that is right for you, and your breasts may stop growing without notice at the end.

    Beware of frauds.

    They are many pills, supplements or injections which are "tested" to make your breasts increase easily. However, there is little supplements or pills which have proven to be a natural work and has not been shown to have a negative impact. It is better to do things naturally, throw through diet and exercise, or and even throw create a greater appearance of the breast, rather than doing something that may have an adverse effect on your body.

    Do not go for Botox.

    Most of the women between the ages of 30 to 50 pay up to $2,000 to use Botox to lift their breasts. Although research has not yet confirmed whether this is a dangerous movement, some doctors say that the effect almost is not valued it, it, is described as changing your posture from the effect is almost no different.

    How to Get Bigger Breasts Without Any Harm Best Some more Tips

    There are a number of methods that can be used to get bigger breasts naturally. The methods involve both home remedies and exercises or workouts. We will explore how both can help you get bigger breasts naturally. 

    First there are foods that can be used to give your bigger breasts naturally. The foods are discussed below:

    Red clover

    This is a repository of chromium, calcium, potassium, vitamin C and phosphorous.  It is a rich source of isoflavones – a hormone stimulator which is highly effective for breast enlargement.

    Hop flower

    It is rich in flavonoids known to accelerate development of mammary glands. It regulates production o hormones. This can be consumed in multiple recipes and in many ways you can get from internet.

    Watercress leaf

     It is a good source of folic acid, vitamin E and Lucien a very important component of breast enlargement.  It is also has benefits of improving blood circulation.

    Saw palmetto berry

    It is a powerful agent in breast enlargement as it contains physosterols effective in reversing atrophy of mammary glands.

    Butea superb

    This is a great agent in helping get bigger breasts naturally. It contains phytoestrogens such as coumestans, miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol. These agents contribute to enhancing breasts particularly in hormone replacement therapy.  This also helps in hair and skin.

    Dandelion root

    This is effective in formation o breast tissues and cells hence helping greatly in breast enlargement.

    Fenugreek seed

    Take its extract which is used to accelerate mammary glands development as it is rich phytoestrogens. The extract is greatly used in preparing many dishes.

    Fennel seeds

    It is a herb that contains flavonoids with estrogenic properties. These increases milk supply in mothers who are breastfeeding. In addition, it is very useful particularly for those who want to get bigger breasts naturally.  It helps by growing breast tissues in women. Take about 480mgs of the seed capsules three times in a day.

    Other methods that your can use to get bigger breasts naturally involve breast massages. There are different kinds of breast massages that you can consider. Here are some of the most common and effective massages.

    Chi massage

    It is the easiest and very effective way to use to get bigger breasts naturally. It can boost your cup sized breasts. In order to achieve this, rub your hands to generate heat when in contact with the breast. Consequently, you can use heat pack to warm your breast area to ensure better blood flow and circulation.  Ensure you spread your fingers on the breasts then move them in a circular motion in inward direction for 10 minutes.

    Fat transfer massage

     This is also known as skin brushing. It helps reduce belly fat hence increasing their sizes. Rub your hands to generate the heat then sweep the fat from your waist and the upper arm moving them towards your breasts. You can also use coconut oil to help moisturize the skin.

    Some other methods to get bigger breasts naturally involve breast workouts. The following are some you can consider.

    Dumbbell fly

    This is done on a flat bench while lying down face up with feet flat on the floor. Hold your dumbbell on both your hands above your shoulders with elbows slightly bent.  To get bigger breasts naturally using this workout, you need to develop muscles underneath. The exercise will not give an instant boost but will help make them look bigger naturally.

    Dumbbell bench press

    This is done while lying down with arms straight and the dumbbell on both hands. Lower the dumbbells until your feel them close to your chest before lifting them both up to the starting position.

    If you prefer not doing any workouts or exercises to get bigger breasts naturally. You can consider using breast enlargement pills. They come in variety and it is best to check with your doctor for subscription.


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