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17 Ways How To Deal With Relationship Stress

There is no relationship immune to stress or disappointment. There are many factors that can bring about stress. Some of these factors include frustrations resulting from partner not meeting expectations. Plans not being put in place as agreed can also bring about stress. When your partner never have time for you also results in stress.  There is no growth that happens without at some point experiencing stress. When you are able to get over frustrations encountered and resolve your issues amicably you become happier. Understanding you partner will help you learn how to manage them when they are the source of stress.  Learn to address the root causes of the stress. Avoid hiding from the root causes as you will be deceiving yourself. They have to be addressed and dealt with properly.

Here are some of the ways of dealing with relationship stress.

Accept reality

Something bad happened, accept it and move on. Do not spend most of your days going over it or thinking of how things could have been without that incident. Accept the fact that mistakes happen and we only become stronger when we learn from them and move on. Rejecting the reality will only worsen the situation and bring more stress and frustrations. On the contrary, accepting it and letting go will make you stronger.

Shift focus

It’s easy to find yourself caught in a spiral of despair and anger when stressed. The way to deal with it is shifting focus by engaging in some activities. Take the necessary steps to get past your frustrations without ignoring those around you like your partner.

Talk to a friend

Talk to someone you trust and let it all out. Do not let it grow inside you until it explodes. When you reach this point make meaningful changes to restore your reality. Simply let your tension and worries fly and that is what friends will help you achieve.

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Write a journal

This involves writing down all your sensations, fears and describing them in detail. Writing has a healing way of relaxing and relieving stress. Simply write your frustrations and stress away until you feel relaxed. Ensure you make it more manageable.

Write a letter

Imagine yourself stuck in a scenic desert island. Simply sit down and write a letter to someone to rescue you. Imagine how you will live your life after being rescued from the island and be verbose. Know that unless you describe it precisely they will not be able to rescue you. You will feel a lot of relief and when you are well or incredibly better, destroy the letter.

List down possible actions

Think of how best you can get rid of the stress. The things you can do to improve your present condition or status. List those things you can do down. In each of the listed things try and identify possible actions and put them on a list. After doing all these things you will start feeling relief.

Sleep it over

Ordinary most of your unconscious life happens when sleeping. Go to bed with a clear resolution. Do not try to find a solution just get out of that stressful situation. Your unconscious minds will the resources to make you stronger.

Be your won avatar

Try and examine yourself from the outside. Write on a paper what you see when you look at yourself. How you talk, behave and act. Do the exercise more to help you differentiate yourself from the stressed up person in that relationship. Take control over what you see and manage it all.

Have fun

Combating stress in a relationship requires you to look for avenues of having some fun. Go see your favorite movie, go shopping, go sightseeing. You can also invite friends over have some fun together, crack jokes and enjoy yourself.  This technique is not avoidance, it is just a chill out session to help you calm down and get back to things the way they were and better.  When you have calmed down, solve the problems that caused the stress in the relationship.

Stop blaming yourself

It can be possible it is something you did that brought the stress in the first place and you are feeling the impact. Take responsibility for it without blaming yourself. Let it be in your past. Remember you are in the present and have a chance to do something different about it. The blaming game will only make it worse by putting weight on that past dragging your down in the process.

Go for a walk

When you are very stressed up in your relationship and presently are not in the mood for anything. It is best to go for a walk to help you relax. It helps in setting you up for action and clears your mind about some of the issues you are having in the relationship.  Walking puts your thoughts in order and helps let off the steam. This is something you can do as it costs nothing.

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Cook something delicious

Cooking is an art, when cooking something delicious it’s giving you a relaxation therapy.  It helps you see the world through an intuitive mind. Cooking helps you get away from your stress through logical inference. Moreover, it is tastier and a very affordable art.

Borrow enthusiasm

Start staying and associating with energetic people and engage in active projects. Be part of something that requires a lot of energy to help you lower your stress and frustration. When it gets to a manageable level start dealing with the root causes of the stress in the relationship. Find a way of addressing them amicably with your partner.

See a therapist

Make an appointment with your therapist and let them give your professional help to help you cope with the stress. It is important that you ensure you only talk to your partner in good mood. People when stressed up, they tend to make irrational decisions. Do not start arguments which will worsen the condition. Instead, listen to your therapist, if the problems needs joint therapy sessions go for it. In the long run you will deal with your stress and solve the root causes and stabilize you relationship.

Talk to your partner

Explain to your partner how you feel about things. Most partners’ will want to help solve the problem. This will give you a time to start things differently and make new commitments to each other.

Make adjustments to your schedules

Change of schedule can help you address the problem that brought the misunderstandings. In the process it will help you partner see that you want to be better and live up to their expectations.

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Seek audience

Seek audience with your partner, if the misunderstanding resulted in a breakup. It will help give you some closure and the energy to move on with your life if reconciliation is not possible.

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