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Simple Easy Tips How To Get Rid Of A Headache

How to Get Rid of a Headache

The word ‘headache’ has many variations. Many people interpret headache as a disturbing situation. However, the headache we are going to discuss is different. Basically, a headache is a mild or acute pain that occurs in the head of a person for various reasons. Headaches vary in intensity and duration, also for various reasons that mainly depend on what caused the headache. For the purpose of limiting length, this article will mostly disregard migraines (a severe recurring vascular headache which occurs more frequently in women than men) and deal with normal headaches.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to get rid of a headache. Notice that not all kinds of headaches can be cured using these means. Some headaches actually need very close monitoring by highly qualified doctors for quite a long range of time to determine exactly what is causing them.

There are two kinds of headaches: primary headaches and secondary headaches. Primary headaches are those that can be called "sincere headaches" because they do not symbolize an underlying disease. Secondary headaches usually occur as a result of an underlying disease. Secondary headaches are usually harder to treat and fatal to ignore.

Before even getting to the part of how to get rid of a headache, it is necessary to discuss what causes headaches so that one can easily avoid them before they could get to ruin their day. Thus, the next section will be an exclusive discussion on the causes of headaches and, where not obvious, how to avoid them.

Some Common Causes of Headache

While most secondary headaches do not need external causes to get them to cause discomfort and pain, it is worth noting that even those can be triggered by some activities and events that occur from time to time. There's no one consistent event that triggers headache for all people, but these are common among most people.

1. Alcohol (particularly red wine for most people).

2. Ceratin foods rich in nitrates such as processed meat.

3. Poor sleeping habits such as a change in sleeping routine or not sleeping altogether.

4. Skiping meals (or delayed meals).

5. Poor posture.

6. Stress.

7. Chemical addiction, such as when a person misses tea or coffee.

8. Noise.

As earlier mentioned, may not be the actual caused as they are mere triggers.Sometimes, headaches may occur without any of these and you would be wondering just how it happened. Not all causesare listed here do not make up the full list of the causes. They rather show some of the things to avoid ifheadaches may be a threat to you. Some headaches, as already mentioned, are easier to cure than others. This mainly depends with the causes and ease of identification. Therefore, we will now discuss some of the ways on how to get rid of a headache. Again, notice that some headaches have underlying diseases under them and cannot be easily getridden therefore.

Ways on how to get rid of a headache

Certainly, if there are so many causes, then the ways on how to get rid of a headache must also be many. Listed below are they.

1. Use Over the Counter drugs, also known as pain killers. This is one of the most common and most effective way that a lot of people use.Most of these drugs do not work instantly and yake up to 2 hours to show effect. This is why you are in a better position to take these medications immediately you start feeling unwell. This ensures that the drugs works right on time before the headache gets ugly. However, as you use these drugs, be sure not to use them daily (unless, of course, if prescribed by the doctor). A repetitive use can result in a MOS (Medication Overuse syndrome, where the end result is a rebound headache which is harder to get rid of any outside the scope of this article.

2. Seek medical attention: if your headache has other symptoms, then it many not simply be a headache, but a surface sign of acoming forth sickness. In such a case, always consult your doctor. The diagnosis may surprise you, bit it's worth it. Maybe it's something that kinda involve pro medical stunts which wouldn't be trouble for the doctor.

3. Be careful with caffeine use."How to get rid of a headache" is a very common discussion topic among caffeine users. While caffeine isn't entirely bad when it comes to handling headaches, it is wise to regulate its use. Caffeine can be used to treat headaches. By this, I do not mean the kind of treatment that one doesn't miss a routinely meal that contains caffeine. Caffeine csn be a treatment for headaches if well used. It stops headaches by causing a dilation in the blood vessels in the head, thus easing blood flow which results in the reduction of pain.

Other than that, caffeine can cause headaches. A heavy user of caffeine (takes more than two cups a day) should never suddenly decide to take none because this would likely result in a headache. Again, too much use of caffeine can result in frequent headaches in which case caffeine use should be avoided altogether.

4. Drink a lot of water. Obviously. Dehydration can easily lead to headaches. You may dehydrated if you recently vomited or have a diseases that causes you to diarrhoea. In such a case, following the rules strictly would do more good than the"good"that laziness brings about. At least 13 glasses of water a day for men and at least nine glasses of water a day for women. You should even take more if you practise, live in a hot environment or weigh slightly above average and above for your age.

5. Take a rest. Too much activity could be the cause of headaches. Find a cool, dark and quiet place to take a rest.

6. Practise progressive muscle relaxation. The exact way to do this will not be covered in this article.However, a quick Google search will not disappoint. Progressive muscle relaxation is proven to get rid of headaches fast.

7. Try the cool compress method. Placing something soft and cool over your forehead and eyes can relieve pain as it helps blood vessels to constrict. Most of the times that this method worked were in the cases of people whose pain was concentrated in the temples.

If none of these work in your case, then it would be advisable to try other means. Usually, there are a lot of relaxation techniques out there such as meditation, acupressure, breathing exercises and prayers can help ease the headache. If the headache still persists, the seeking other ways to relieve it may be necessary.

The phase two of these methods of how to get rid of a headache will be centered on natural means of relieving headache. As with all natural remedies out there, always know the side effects as well as possibility of allergies that may be even bigger problems than the headache itself. Always be careful to check the composition of these natural medications before taking them.

1. Try some herbs. While not all herbs have medicinal value, it's worth noting that some of the plants do have properties that make them ideal for getting rid headaches.

  • Ginger: not only is it known to easily get rid of headaches but also relieve other common side effects of intensive headaches such as nausea, and vomiting.
  • Coriander: coriander seeds can be used to relieve inflammation that is usually known to cause headaches.
  • Butterblur: butterblur is known to be quite effective when it comes to getting rid of a headache. In fact, it is known to reduce migraine frequency for up to 60% if taken in a regulated dose daily for three months.
  • Tea:a cup of tea made from passionflower, rosemary, or lavender might alleviate a headache.

2. Consider using aromatherapy. It has been proven time and again that aromatherapic techniques relieve some headaches. These include inhaling or massaging some targeted parts of the body with certain compositions of aromatic substances.

3. Consider food related therapies. Food is almost always a topic of discussion when it comes to health. The kinds of food one takes may be the reason for their status of health It is always stressed that one takes a balanced diet every meal. So will this article stress. It is imperative that one takes a balanced diet every meal to avoid sicknesses that rise from an imbalance of paramount chemicals in the body.

Some foods can also trigger headaches. Some common culprits include chocolate and red wine. It is thus important to consider what you eat.

However, there are some common foods that help relieve headache effectively. They include:

  • Almonds
  • Hot spicy foods, particularly for sinus headaches.
  • Spinach
  • Some caffeine containing beverages.

Each of these has its own unique manner and kind of headaches it relieves. Please notice that none of these foods intensively covers the whole case on how to get rid of a headache. Some of these foods become helpful when used habitually rather than when taken at the time when the headache is a trouble.

To sum it up

Headaches are common among people of all ages. They may just be plain headaches or secondary headaches that result from other more complex underlying diseases. Usually, the first step anyone should take when it comes to dealing with headaches is doing some life style fixes.

1. Get plenty of sleep. Adults should generally get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

2. Limit your exposure to fragrances such as perfumes. Some of them are likely causes of headaches than other "natural" means.

3. Take care of what you eat. Adapting a balanced diet is the most healthy way tomaintain a good eating habit.

4. Do not ignore other pains. If you have muscular problems, consider an immediate treatment as this may result in unforseen circumstances that are a likely cause of headaches.

5. Do some exercises. Exercises usually ease muscles and reduce tension. This, in the end, results in an easier flow of blood hence reducing chances of getting headaches.

6. Adapt an economically healthy work station. Avoid a work station that forces you to adapt a poor posture that might result in a headache.

7. Talk to medical professionals about your headaches. It might be other problems, not just headache, that is causing you trouble.

8. Have time for rest. Intensive activities without a rest session between them can be an easy cause for headache.

9. Record your headaches. This is particularly helpful when you are unable to figure out what causes the headaches.It can as well help your doctor come to the correct decision when trying to find what you might be suffering from.

10.Avoid smoking. Apart from the fact that smoking can lead to cancerous growths in the lungs, tracheal tract and even damage your brain, smoking is a common cause of headache. Whenever you can, avoid it at all costs.

Other ways of how to get rid of a headache may not be as straightforward as the ones mentioned herein since they may involve lengthy medical investigations before the actual causes is found and a cure given. As you might have noticed already, all points listed here drive at the fact that a medical doctor is your best option when it comes to treating serious recurring headaches. Always try to consult with your doctor before taking measures that you may not be so sure about. Also, try to investigate on your own to find out what triggers your headaches and try to use your advantage of knowledge of what to avoid in order to prevent more headaches.

When all this is done, most headaches will most likely be relieved by some of these methods. It is not necessary to try combos. However, be pleased to have learnt effective DIY methods on how to get rid of a headache.

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