Benefits of Green Tea
03 Dec

Benefits of Green Tea That You Should Definitely Know – AC

These days many people are putting up the habit of having green tea. The awareness among the people about the healthier aspect of the green tea has increased. In this article we are going to discuss in brief the benefits of having green tea regularly.

The green tea contains rich quantity of antioxidant and nutrients which are beneficial for human health. A lot of research has been done and based on it

The major benefits of having green tea are listed below:
  1. The green tea helps in Fat loss which helps a person to stay away from diseases like Diabetes and heart problem.
  2. The green tea helps in avoiding cancer problem.
  3. The green tea helps in improved brain functions.

The green tea contains various antioxidants which destroys the free radicals in the body. The free radicals are responsible for aging process and also for destroying cells and tissues of the body. The green tea helps in getting rid of these free radicals.

Some minerals are also found in the green tea, which are required for healthy functioning of the body. Green tea also contains some amount of caffeine which acts as a stimulant and helps in active functioning of the brain. It will keep the person awake, active and will also help in having a good concentration and focus.

Green tea helps in burning fats of the body and also increases the metabolic rate. It helps in oxidation of fats which ultimately gets dissolved away. In most of the supplements to obese people for reducing weight the green tea is an important ingredient. A lot of research has been conducted to determine the effect of green tea on obese persons and it was concluded that green tea increases the energy expenditures by 4 to 5 percent.

Green tea helps in fighting Cancer. It is a known fact that cancer is due to uncontrolled growth of the cells in the body. The antioxidants have been found to control the cancer by stopping the uncontrolled growth of the cells. As the green tea contains large quantity of antioxidant it helps in curing many different type of cancers like breast cancer, Prostate cancer etc. Researchers have found that people who are having green tea regularly are less prone to various types of cancer.It is advised that the tea should not be mixed with milk as mixing the milk reduces the quantity of antioxidants present in the tea.

The green tea also helps in keeping away from diabetes, which is one of the major diseases affecting the world population. Research has shown that green tea helps in controlling sugar level of the body. On a microbial level the green tea kills bacteria and can help us from various kinds of infections. It also helps to obstruct the growth of some harmful virus and prevent us from many diseases.

Thus the advantages of having green tea are enormous and one should try to make it a regular habit of having green tea once or twice in a day.

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