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01 Sep

Am I Pregnant Or Not Early Signs That You Might Be Pregnant – AC

Are you thinking that i Am I pregnant or am i not pregnant lets discuss about symptoms of pregnancy and what should not to do in pregnancy

It was not a couple of weeks since you have done the deed, and now you eager to know: Am I pregnant ? or am i not pregnant  You need a home pregnancy test or a blood test to your OB office know for sure but until you can take one (the best time is delayed after the period), click through this take early pregnancy symptoms and see if any of them feel familiar.

1. Breathlessness

Have you blown up the stairs, suddenly? It could be for a pregnancy. Fetal growth needs oxygen to leave a little short. Sorry to say, this can be continued during pregnancy, especially because your growing baby begins to put pressure on the diaphragm and lungs.

2. Breast Pain

Put on your bra this morning feeling like a mild torture. And are you thinking, or are the girls a little bigger? Tender breasts and heavy feeling, darkening of the areola and more pronounced veins in the chest a first sign that you are pregnant. Put on your most supportive bra to sleep, if you need it, to help ease the discomfort.

3. Fatigue

You do not even have the front page of your book last night to sleep to do it. If you are exhausted suddenly, it could be a response to growth hormones in the body. For many women, tried to continue through the first three months, but then a second recession.

4. Nausea

Most pregnant women begin queasy when they are about 6 weeks along, but some may experience earlier morning sickness (which unfortunately can occur morning, noon and night). It is likely to disappear, as we the second quarter. For now, try to eat foods that meet in the stomach, such as crackers or ginger ale.

5. Frequent urination

If you suddenly findno longer sleep all night without a trip to the bathroom, which could be a sign. During pregnancy, the body produces more fluid, the bladder working overtime, and there is a pee break.

6. A headache

First signs of pregnancy include headaches, following in the hormones changes. If you are indeed pregnant, take the safety pg acetaminophen instead of ibuprofen to treat pain.

7. Backaches

Is your lower back a little pain? If you do not normally have back pain, it could mean that the ligaments are loose. Sorry, this one may continue through your pregnancy as your weight gain and shift the focus to the center of your position is not normal.

8. Cramp

It is PMS or pregnancy? It's hard to say, but if you feel crampy, it may be extended to prepare your uterus a baby.

9. Desire or aversion to food

Suddenly, you cannot get enough of citrus. Perhaps it's the fish into your stomach. If you find that the food problem occurs previously, it may be your body telling you that you are pregnant.

10. Constipation and bloating

You swear that you just fit last week in your skinny jeans. If you feel a little bloated or back up, it might be the additional progesterone due to pregnancy, which slows your digestive system.

11. Mood swings

World War III broke out your husband did not put his socks in the basket. Moody both? If you feel a little hormone, it may be because your body adapts well to new hormones. Reassure your husband that roller coaster of emotions happens.

12. Elevated basal body temperature

If you actively get pregnant to try to have your basal been chartingsubstrate temperature to determine ovulation. Generally, your BBT from ovulation until you get your period after 2 weeks. If it has increased more than two weeks, it may be because you're pregnant.

13. Fainting or Dizziness

This is the go-symptom used in films to signify pregnancy, but based on reality. Blood sugar or blood pressure can cause dizziness episode. Make sure that you eat enough and stay well hydrated.


Damn it! You have your period. Or did you? If it was much clear than normal, and a few days earlier than expected, in fact, you can implantation bleeding, where the fertilized egg will experience to the uterine wall and causes less blood.

15. Late period

Many of the early pregnancy symptoms are the symptoms of PMS. How to tell the difference? The most revealing track is always a menstruation. If your cycle arrives quite regularly and too late, you have to go to the pharmacy.

16. Positive pregnancy test

you do not sure if you are a mother-to-be, to do the urine test strips. If a negative result is obtained, and your period is not happening, it may be too early to detect for the test. Like now look at some of these symptoms after conception strange pregnancy seem. Wait a few days and repeat the test. And if it is? Congratulations -Positive

Pregnancy Calculator helps you to Calculate Your Pregnancy Due Date‎

What should to do in pregnancy and what should not to do in pregnancy

Stay under the covers

Start with a delicious breakfast in bed before you go with your honey to a Netflix-Marathon, celebrity magazines, and Scrabble. Then lunch! More TV! A nap! Sandwich! Dinner! Enjoy the fact that no one should need you now because this will change very soon.

  • You should get regular check-ups
  • You should obtain the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of Folic Acid
  • You should check your immunity to rubella
  • You should take prenatal vitamins
  • You should eat lots of protein
  • You have to eat well and exercise
  • You must be sure to get enough fat in your diet
  • You should do Kegel exercises
  • You need to use plant

Things Should not to do in Pregnancy

  • You should not smoke around people or who do
  • You should not drink alcohol
  • You should not use drugs
  • You should not take drugs or OTC drugs (OTC), including aspirin unless your doctor tells you to do
  • You must avoid hot dogs
  • You should avoid caffeine
  • You must avoid contact with reptiles
  • You must avoid tick bites
  • You must avoid fish
  • You must not eat junk food
  • You must avoid vitamin A supplements
  • You must avoid x-rays
  • You must Avoid VDTs
  • You must Avoid Microwaves
  • You do Not Use a Water Bed
  • You must Avoid Drinking Tap Water if Possible
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