home remedies for sunburn
18 Feb

Home remedies for sunburn skin Amazing tips how to treat sunburned skin

Home remedies for sunburn skin Amazing tips how to treat sunburned skin

Sunburn is that the scourge of summer, thwarting tans and forcing individuals to hide up. It will happen at any time of the year tho', as a result of it's the exposer to the ultra-violet rays of the sun that cause it. once you’re obtaining bombarded with  light, your exposed skin ups its production of  melanin pigment. thus here are sun burn hacks that may extremely profit you.

Immediately rub ice or cold water:

When ever you feel that you recently had a sun outbreak then immediately rub ice on sunburned skin to reduce the redness. This will also cool down and refresh your skin to avoid more damage by ultra violet rays.

Take a cool shower bath home remedies for sunburn:

A shower bath can lower the temperature of your body that can give you a relief from the sun burn.

White Viegar home remedies for sunburn:

White vinegar or cidar have always been effective to relief the inflamed skin. It contains acetic acid that can refreshen your skin. Add one cup of vinegar to a bath to help balance the pH whether it is acidic or alkaline of sunburned skin. This will promote healing and rejuvenating effect to your skin.

Oatmeal Mask home remedies for sunburn:

Oatmeal has anti inflammatory property that can reduce redness. Moreover, oatmeal mask have been very effective for a itchy and sensitive skin. Just soak oatmeal in milk. Apply this mask onto your face and then let it dry. After it dries completely, just rub this mask with your finger to real a exfoliating effect.

Alovera gel or lotion home remedies for sunburn:

Alo can be very effective as a moisturizer and an anti inflammatory agent. You can use Alo vera gel for this purpose and well as lotion that have Alovera in it.

Lotion containing lidocaine:

When ever you go to market to buy products for sun burned, make sure that the product you buy should be having lidocaine in it that is an anesthetic agent that can remove the pain caused by sunburn.

Hydrocortisone cream:

Hydrocortisone cream can help to reduce that sun burn pain and itch. Swelling can be relieved by 1% hydrocortisone cream.

Cool Milk home remedies for sunburn:

Cool milk has anti bacterial properties and anti inflammatory agents. Soak a cotton plug in cool milk and apply on cheeks and all over the face. This will create protein film over the face to relief the discomfort.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E can decrease the redness and infection caused by sunburn. You can take Vitamin E having vegetables and fruits and the supplements too.

Black Tea home remedies for sunburn:

Black tea has exfoliating properties that can restore the pH. It can help to draw heat from the sunburned skin. Soak black tea in water and then leave it to make it softer. When it softens then apply this on your face with the help of a clean cloth.

Sun Screen home remedies for sunburn:

Prevention is always good than treatment. So we should use the sunscreen before going out in sun to avoid the sun exposure and damage to your skin by ultra violet and infra red ray.

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