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Assertive Or Aggressive.Who Are You ? – AC

Assertive Or Aggressive.Who Are You?

Assertiveness can be defined as being assertive but confidently or self-assured. It is always positive. Aggressiveness can be explained as extremely or vigorously energetic. This can be forceful.

These two terms are usually confused just due to the difference in the point of view of individual. Assertiveness can be termed healthy and positive but aggression is not at all positive. It is always negative.

An aggressive person stands up for himself in the ways which usually violate the rights of other people. He can end up hitting people or kicking them or doing some other violent activities. They can also end up taunting others or gossiping about them.

 In teenage, this behavior is very common. It can be due to their inability to express their fear, frustration or any kind of rejection. This behavior can be learned or acquired from elders. These kids don’t have any idea that the immaturity they show can affect the relations in long run.

On the other hand, assertiveness can be defined as respectfully demanding ones rights. These teenagers need to learn the difference between real aggression and being assertive.  The one who is assertive is always willing to discuss or compromise or even negotiate and wait while others think about their demands.

People should learn how to communicate their needs, feelings and beliefs with others. One should have a proper body language. He should look straight into people’s eyes, the body should be held upright ie. no slouching at all, shoulders should be relaxed and there should be proper breathing.

When a person becomes aggressive, he loses the control over any given situation. On the other hand, assertiveness helps you to put your point in a proper way that can be accepted easily

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