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They say looks are not everything. Although I do agree with the statement but looks form the most important and most attractive part of you and that in turn becomes a huge chunk of your personality and inspires confidence in you. Have you ever seen a beautiful and well-groomed woman devoid of confidence? I am sure I have not! This is simply because in order to feel good you have to look good as well.

In order to be their best self physically, girls around the globe apply make up to enhance their beauty and features. Easier said than done of course! It takes a lot of time, focus and some mad skills to get your make up right. But that’s not all you need. You need a killer set of makeup tools to get the makeup perfect. That’s where we come in.

The makeup blender is one of the most important tools you must have in order to look your best self physically. It has revolutionized the way makeup is being applied nowadays. This is mostly due to the fact that these are easy to use and save a lot of time and energy. Also they are pretty darn accurate when it comes to the amount of makeup to be put on a specific part of the face, which may otherwise prove to be difficult because of the human error being involved.

The Fyola Beauty Makeup Powder Blender is an all new device that is made to cater for your needs specifically. It is a device which employs the feature of high speed vibration allows the BB gel, powder fluid, dry/wet powder and fragment powder to be distributed evenly upon your face, as opposed to other blenders you will find on the market that have traditional brushes which do not solve the problem of even application of powder upon the face.

So what makes our product so desirable?

Shape and ease of use:

Normal makeup powder blenders lack the consistency of the Fyola Beauty Makeup Powder Blender since they use the traditional methods of application. The unique shape of our makeup blender makes it easier to use. This is mainly because of the handle that provides the vibration that is unique and ensures even application of powder all over the face.

Unlike other makeup blenders on the market, the Fyola Beauty Makeup Powder Blender doesn’t have to be wet and then dried so the difficult part of using makeup powder blenders is removed from our product. This ensures that it is the easiest to use product on the market so you don’t have to worry about learning how to use makeup powder blenders.

Material and texture:

The typical makeup powder blenders are a bit rough and irregular in texture. Being hard and a bit irregular in their texture, these usual makeup powder blenders require a lot of attention when it comes to applying them on your face. You have to stay in front of the mirror throughout the duration of your makeup.

With the soft and supple nature of the Fyola Beauty Makeup Powder Blender, it is easier than ever to apply powder now. You don’t even have to stay in front of the mirror, since it is so soft and smooth in its texture, you can go on about your place while casually applying the powder. You will never have to worry about applying the perfect amount of powder as long as you use our makeup blender!

Result and Finish:

The main thing to consider here is the finish of the product. If it makes you look good and gives coverage easily, then the makeup powder blender is good. I am sure most of the makeup powder blenders on the market give a good finish, but the Fyola Beauty Makeup Powder Blender is miles ahead of anything the market can conjure up, as far as .

This is simply because of the fact that the Fyola Beauty Makeup Powder Blender is automatic so it applies the makeup powder evenly all over the face. Giving 12000 vibrations per minute, it is bound to give near perfect application of powder upon your face.

Price and durability:

The defining factor of our products is the low price and same, if not better quality than our competitors. Following the trend, the Fyola Beauty Makeup Powder Blender is no exception when it comes to a highly competitive price.

The Fyola Beauty Makeup Powder Blender is priced at a nominal $19 which is the same price as the blenders manufactured by our competitors, and they are not even automatic!

Our product is designed to give you a lasting experience of a makeup powder blender. It is highly durable and lasts a much longer time than the leading brands’ product.

The Fyola Beauty Makeup Powder Blender has several other features that make it extremely useful and desirable. Apart from being automatic, it is compatible with all powders so you only have to ever purchase one makeup blender and you are all set.

It is very easy to clean and disassemble. You don’t have to worry about the possibility of mold build up because our product itself ensures that every makeup session is comfortable and totally clean.

If being automatic and easier to clean were not enough features to turn your head, prepare to be amazed by the safety feature of the Fyola Beauty Makeup Powder Blender that most of the products on the market lack. It is made of a toxic free sponge puff that is extremely gentle and ensures that the artificial chemicals of the powder you are about to apply do not harm your skin in any way possible.

Simply put: The Fyola Beauty Makeup Powder Blender is the best makeup powder blender available on the market, period.


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