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04 Dec

Health Benefits of Eating Quinoa – AC

The strength and long life that our fore fathers had is amazing and these have now become the bed time stories for our children. They simply owed their formidable strength and long life span to the healthy food they ate which were very high in nutritional value. Quinoa is one of those grains that provided enormous health benefits to the earlier generations keeping them strong and healthy in an easy and effortless manner. Here are some of the health benefits Quinoa offers.

Rich in Amino acids

Amino Acids safeguards proteins which are essential nutrients in the body. They remove toxins from the physical system and play a crucial role in providing relief from pain related to skin, bones and muscles. Ensure you consume Quinoa everyday ascertaining the cooking method and the food items in which it can be added from the elders at home

Quinoa is high in Fiber

The trend of the day is to stay slim and trim and people run around in search of food items that are rich in fiber to achieve the purpose. A single serving of Quinoa provides at least one fifth of fiber that is required to be consumed every day. Cook it with other food items like corn to increase the fiber content so your fiber intake per day increases making your not only look slim and trim but physically healthy too

Iron rich Quinoa

Quinoa is highly rich in Iron content which is crucial for muscles and brain functioning. Due to this huge presence of iron, Quinoa aids in preventing anemia. Prepare Quinoa dishes adding your favorite vegetables and hype its already rich iron content. Enjoy eating a tasty recipe while gaining health in an easier manner

Magnesium magic

Magnesium does magic to the human body by keeping heart diseases and bone ailments like Osteoporosis away from them. Quinoa provides one third of Magnesium required by human body every day. It balances out blood pressure and keeps blood sugar under check. Regular usage of Quinoa enhances the metabolism in an overall manner maintaining the key parameters in the desired levels

Antiseptic in property

Saponin, an ingredient gets removed while processing Quinoa making it antiseptic in property. The seed of Quinoa that is edible in nature extends its curing opportunities while consumed as food and a paste made of Quinoa can be applied on the skin to obtain relief from skin allergies which are mild in nature

The dreaded Diabetes

One ailment that is found even in many young people today is Diabetes. While it is termed as a disease more related to lifestyle, food habits play a crucial role in the treatment of the same. Quinoa helps prevention of Diabetes and control of Diabetes in people who are already diabetic through its low Glycemic index. Combine Quinoa with other low glycemic index food and increase the nutritional value bading bye to Diabetes.

What more. Find out ways to accommodate Quinoa in your meals in variety of ways, making the best use of its medicinal values and value additions it can provide to your healthy living

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