Kid friendly recipes
09 Feb

Best 10 foods for kids make them strong

Kid friendly recipes Best 10 foods for kids make them strong

Kid friendly recipes Being a mother to grown-up kids always leaves you in the hassle of making something, which is as healthy and luring as your kid’s body need. But, kids, nothing work in front of them. That constant chirping that, “momma I want pizza,” “momma can I have one more chocolate please, please,” and “momma, you put broccoli in my plate.”

Huff!! What to do, kids will always remain kids until they are not a parent of their own kids.

Therefore, we need to multitask simultaneously encouraging and fooling them to eat healthy, which in itself is a Herculean task.

Hats Off to all mommies out there!

But do you actually manage good food for their health to lend their plate and then stomach? Well, if you do then you are a super mom, but if you do not then be one. In fact, to help you further, here this article shall tell you about the 10 best foods, which can make them your kids strong just like their favorite cartoon character, Bheem, Popeye, etc.

Kid friendly recipes

  1. Milk: Yeah the best Kid friendly recipes, I can see kids making geometrical faces, seeing a glass of milk in front of them, but frankly speaking, nothing can be best than a glass of milk because it is rich in protein. Well, if they drink it in one go than smile otherwise you need to make delicious dishes out of it, which your kid can’t say a no.
  2. Egg: I do not see much of kids hating egg. They can have it boiled or as omelette every day. However, if you feel like giving it a change then bake it into cakes and brownies. Kids will love with a dollop.
  3. Yoghurt: Hmm, kids can sometimes get their sweet tooth converted in sour when they will taste the flavorless yoghurt. So, if you want that your kid must eat it, then try it with different flavors, like strawberry, honey, etc. Kids will lick-eat it.
  4. Soybeans: Highly contained with protein Soybeans is also Kid friendly recipes, this food is very less liked by kids, even sometimes elderlies too. Therefore, try it in kebabs and parathas, they will hop to eat it.
  5. Chicken: Hmm, this is the one, which kids can eat without offending, but still serving the same dishes will bore them. Therefore, bring innovation and see how your kids eat that whole in few seconds.
  6. Spinach: Leafy vegetables and kids, very rare combination! I remember my kid saying that it is only for cattle’s. But they do not know that how much calcium this leafy vegetable contains. Therefore, disguise it and let your kid eat it.
  7. Fruits: Indeed full of vitamins! So, make sure you a plate full at breakfast. It will make them taller and stronger.
  8. Whole grains: Never dump your kid on refined flour. Less on carbs and fibers, it is a very bad choice. So, try whole grains, they have iron and vitamin b in abundance.
  9. Salmon: Rich in vitamin D, it also helps in gaining a good amount of calcium. So ask your kid to eat it if they want strong bones.
  10. Carrots: Just like mine, if your kid loves bunny then he will never say no to eat carrots. If she or he even say, then make them eat as it is very rich in Vitamin A.
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