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02 Apr

Getting married young Best Age for Marriage – AC

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Are you confused what to do are you getting married young? Do you think you have fallen in love with someone and you are not sure if it is the right time to do so? Are your parents telling you that it is too early for you to marry someone you love getting married young ?These are questions that we may find ourselves facing every day. In order to find answers to these questions getting married young, let me help you.

Best Age to Fall in Love

Some parents try to control their children when they are young getting married young. They tell them to wait until a certain age, then they could start controlling their own love life. These parents are not wrong because too early exposure love might raise problems later in life. The age for love has to be regulated, hut it depends on different factors, mainly the location, and the gender of the child as well as the parents' financial status.

There may not be a specific age that I'd "best" for all children. If you are a good parent, you will want your child not to be exposed too early. You would want the best for your child, which is why waiting until a certain age is recommended. Most children start seeing the other gender at the age of around 11, but may not be able to get into a love relationship until they are about 14. This is because they are too young and still to shy to approach the other gender. However, as time progresses, it becomes quite easy for them to date. If you asked me the best time to start dating, I would recommend the age of 16. This is because at such an age, you are able to comprehend yourself more and have better communication skills.

When you are of age, say 18, you could date without any restrictions, but it remains all upon you to make your wise decisions.

At such tender age, it is not yet advisable to start thinking of marriage or getting married young. Such early marriages getting married young re likely to end up in a divorce.

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The age 18 until the mature age (to be discussed later) is the time one should take to practise ones loving skills, relationship problem solving skills as well as preparing for mature adulthood. This happens to be a tender age for many people since they might still be in the confusion of puberty and late adolescence. People of this age may not be able to make proper decisions as they may be preoccupied with lust other than actual love.

People aged 18 years old to 26 years of age are advised by most psychologist to work on their social skills and sharpen the attributes required for marriage. Marriage is not a one day affair that one should always love any time the person feels like. Marriage should be the ultimate act of true love that should be bound to survive all hardships and to remain forever intact.

This is the reason why feelings have to be confirmed again and again before one could think of marriage. It is very possible that whoever you decide to marry because the person was fun to date might turn out not as sweet as had been expected and may end up breaking the marriage. The whole point here is, do not hurry to marriage. There are a lot of things you could do to keep your life fun before you are mature enough to start handling a family of your own.

Best Age for Marriage

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A sensible business person only establishes a business after thorough analysis of what is in the market, then decides where the best location for the business could be. This is one of the major contributors to the success of many business. Likewise, marriage is only best at the time when one has analysed the ‘market’ of marriage thoroughly, so that the person does not make poor decisions when it comes to choosing a marriage partner.

So what is the ‘best’ age for marriage?

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The best age for marriage only comes when the person is mature enough to make decisions the person can live with for life, but not too mature for the essentials of marriage such as bearing children. This limits the age.

A certain Massachusetts Institute conducted a research on this and established that the best age for marriage is 26 to 28 years of age. This might come as a surprise to many people who may think this is too late for marriage. However, truth be told, people below this age are not even financially stable, let alone being emotionally stable. The details of the research are described in the following interview conducted by an SMLemployee with Mr Patel:


SML:Hello Mr Patel.

MR PATELHello there.

SML: Could you please tell us what you came up with in your research?

MR PATEL Actually, marriage is an intimate bond between two very different people that tries to merge them into one person. Therefore, it can never survive between people who do not understand each other well.

SML: So, Mr Patel, what is your advice to those unmarried and want to get married?

MR PATEL I would say, never marry a person you haven’t been in close relationship long enough. Your relationship should be at least 3 years old in order for you to consider marriage.

SML: Isn’t 3 years too long?

MR PATEL Maybe 3 years is long, but that’s actually the bare minimum. I mean, you will be married to that same person for the rest of your life. And “the rest of your life” is definitely more than 3 years, so you need to make sufficient preparation for your marriage life afterwards so that you are able to handle each other properly with prior knowledge.

SML: Great Mr Patel, but what should a person do to avoid marrying the wrong person?

MR PATEL I will repeat this as many times as necessary. You need to have been in a non-bound relationship for long enough to be able to decide if that is the right person to marry. The time before marriage is the only time to avoid marrying the wrong person.

SML: And suppose the person is already married to the wrong person?

MR PATEL Well, trying to correct things is always the first and best option. You could try to correct your partner’s wrong before taking any permanent action. Always give your partner at least 3 years of being forgiven while sending relevant warnings on the person’s unbecoming behaviour. This will give the person enough room for changing habits and might actually work out to restore the marriage its original successful status.

SML: Thank you for the Insights Mr Patel.


As you have seen from the interview, it is always advisable to carry out thorough analysis on the person you plan on marrying before actually marrying the person. This will help you a lot in the end.



  • At 26 to 28 years, aren’t you too old for life?

Certainly not. 28 is a very youthful age, when your body is actually ready to settle down on something specific. This is the age you would have made enough money to start a family as well as your perfect age to start enjoying what you had worked so hard for.


  • Could you get enough children when you get married at such an age?

Yes, yes! Menopause comes in at the age of around 45, whereas men never experience anything like that. So at the age of 45, given that the children would be born at the interval of 2 years or 3 years, that’s 17 years, which means you could get as many as 9 children with the minimum of 6 children. Would you want more children than those?


  • What about getting addicted to youthful life of cheating because of dating for too long?

But you are supposed to be dating the person you plan on marrying. Why would you cheat on the person during your dating whereas you are using your relationship as assessment of your marriage if you were to get married to the person? Please, before you actually marry the person, figure yourself married. Do not do anything that you wouldn’t do when married. This will save you the trouble of getting rid of dangerous habits when you become married. Avoid keeping too many people. In fact, you could keep your immediate family plus your partner and maybe a few other friends. This will minimize your chances of cheating.


  • Late break ups. Let’s say, you’ve dated the person up to the age of 27, then you happen to break up with the person. What happens then?

At the ages above 25, it’s very rare for break ups to occur because people learn so much from their previous dating experiences. This increases chances of keeping a long term relationship. However, if it happens that your relationship ends at the prime age of marriage, you still have time. You could still start over again. I mean, there’s no need for hurrying things up just to get married to the wrong person, then you have to divorce and start over again from zero or even remain unmarried forever.



Further contradictions

Is 26 to 28 really the best age for marriage?

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Unfortunately, people are all different and there cannot be that one specific age when you should get married. This does not nullify the fact that 26 to 28 years of age is actually the best age to get married. There may be varied ages to get married for different people. Some people may find it satisfactory to get married before the age of 26 or even after the age 28. This is still fine depending on the person and place.

A person may be pressured to get married either by the partner or even by family. Whichever the case, it is advisable to listen to the arguments of these people.  However, have it at the back of your mind that you are not ready for marriage yet until you have fully assessed your partner and are of the correct age for marriage.

You are a human being like any other and prone to desire. You may be desiring children of your own very early and do not want to stick to the advice given on the best age for love and marriage. It’s all okay if you believe you can make decisions that won’t backfire on you later in life. There may not be anything like “the best age for marriage” after all, but there is always best age for love. Which is throughout your life.


Summary of getting married young

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You run your life every bit. No one can challenge you to this. But sometimes, allowing other people to assist you make decisions in your life could turn out fruitful to you. Although it’s not always that advice is to be followed depending on what kind of advice that is. If the advice found on this page was on how to become the most invincible gangster in India, even I the author would advise you not to follow my advice.

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However, truth be told, you need experience in life to know who to choose to marry. Remember marriage is life long and would not be something you could get out of just whenever you want. Once you get into a marriage or getting married young, you affirm that you love the person you want yourself married to and would do anything to keep the person in your life for the rest of your life. Truly, if you got married at 19 getting married young, you would be bored enough by the time your rightful time for marriage comes.

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You need to make wise decisions for getting married young. Even when pressured by partner or by parents, you still have to be yourself and make decisions based on what you know. Though, as stated before, you still need to listen to what they have to say as a show of ethical respect other than that you really want to married too early or too late. Be careful with life-long decisions.

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