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Best food to make your bones strong

Best food to make your bones strong

Bones form the framework of our body.  Therefore, it is important to take care of the skeletal system by eating the right kind of food that would make our bones strong.  It has been estimated that bone density and bone health are determined by the amount of calcium and vitamin D intake during childhood and adolescent ages, where the body requires 1300 mg of calcium per day.  This amount is 300 mg higher than what adults need.  As we age, these calcium deposits are eroded from the bones by the body to go on with day-today vital functions.  Hence, it is essential to replenish the calcium stores in the body by eating foodsthat can make your bones stronger.

Here is a list ofsome of the best foods to make your bones strong:

Fortified cereals. Popular sources of calcium-rich foods that make your bones strong are fortified cereals.  A serving of three-fourth cup can provide as much as 300 mg of calcium, which is about 30% of your daily required amount of calcium.  Some brands are 100% fortified, making them the best food for strong bones currently available in the market.

Dairy products.Best natural foods for strong bonesinclude milk, plain yogurt, curd and cheese such as cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese.  A single serving of dairy products can account for 28-42% of the daily calcium allowance.

Soy products.Soy products fortified with calcium are good source of calcium for stronger bones for vegans.  One serving of calcium fortified-soy milk will make up for 30% of daily recommended calcium allowance while tofu set using calcium sulfate takes care of 25% of daily dietary calcium.

Green leafy vegetables.Green leafy vegetables such as kale, lettuce, spinach, bok choy, cabbage, collard greens, leaves, rockets, watercress, turnip greens, leaves of beetroot, and leaves of mustards are healthy foods for stronger bones.  These greens provide about 10-15% of the daily dietary calcium required by the body.

Healthy bones are essential for fall and fracture prevention later in life.  The proper way to do so would be to eat the best foods that make your bones strong and healthy.

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