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21 Sep

Best Of All Simple Ice breaking Tips How To Grow A Pineapple – AC

If you want to grow a pineapple ever thought about how are pineapples grown? If eating them is what is of your interest then why not take a step back and try to know how are they grown? The fruit might look complicated while you peel it off but the fact is that growing pineapples are just too easy. Moreover, they can be planted anywhere around the world and why to go far, they can be grown in our house gardens as well. Yes, you read it right – this fruit can be grown all by us in the comfort of our own homes.

Your patience will reap you a pineapple

If want to grow a pineapple what you need is to identify the right spot where you want to plant it and you will be worry free till the time the fruit matures. If you are patient enough to wait for 2-3 years to cherish on the delicacy from your garden then it’s the right time to get a pineapple and start the simple process to grow them as your own houseplant. This will help you to start the process to grow a pineapple

Let’s start

Let us start from the scratch to begin the process of planting pineapples on our own. As is said, if the beginning is well and appropriate efforts are put in then the end will definitely be worth it. Similarly if you get a hold on to the basics of growing a pineapple then your wait to eat a self grown one won’t be much. Let us begin to grow a pineapple.

So what do you really need to grow a pineapple - a seed or a root or a plant? The answer is the pineapple crown.


The Process!!!

Let us have a look at the chronological procedure to be followed for planting a pineapple:

Step I: Bring home a fresh pineapple

  • To grow a pineapple bring home a fresh pineapple to savour it when you want to but this time, it is going to be different.Just kidding – you will definitely get to do both – eat it as well as plant the new one. This will help you to grow a pineapple.

Step II: Slice off the Pineapple Crown

  • Carefully cut it near the crown and take off all the fruit from it if you want to grow a pineapple. You really need to make sure that no fruit flesh is left since it will get rotten in no time.
  • With the help of a sharp knife, start slicing the stalk carefully till the time you find the unformed roots visible in it. This step will help you to grow the pineapple

Step III: Do we need leaves?

  • Once you have got the stalk with the future roots, take off the leaves from around the lower area of the stalk so that we get a bare stalk with only sufficient leaves to hold it.

Step IV: Dry the stalk

  • If you want to grow a pineapple let the stalk or the stem dry for around a week’s time

Step V: Soak the Pineapple Crown/Stalk

  • Before moving on with soaking the stalk, to grow a pineapple it is necessary to make sure that the stem is completely dry since pineapples have a tendency to get rotten fast so it is best to dry it completely.
  • Once it is dry, pour some water in a glass container and with the help of some support, just dip the bare stalk of the crown inside the water
  • Leave the container with water and stalk at a sunny place for several days and wait for the roots to sprout from the stem. This step can help you to grow a pineapple

Step VI: Plotting the sprouted stem

  • It’s time to finally plant the sprouted stem. Hope you have already identified the spot where you want your pineapple plant to grow. Now you will able you to grow a pineapple
  • You can choose to plant it in the ground or in a pot
  • To grow a pineapple prepare the soil by adding organic matter in it – if it is a pot then 70% should be soil and 30% organic matter for the right nutrients for pineapple
  • What more – plant the pineapple stem in the prepared soil and keep on watering it and place the pot at a warm place. This step can help you to grow a pineapple

Points to Remember

  1. If you want to grow a pineapple neither do pineapples like water logged and soggy soil nor do they like frost
  2. The pineapple plant needs plenty of sunlight so choose the location wisely
  3. It does not like freezing temperatures so keep them safe in winters
  4. Water the plant once a week only because excess water and food will kill it and not able to grow a pineapple.
  5. The surrounding area should be such that its spikes do not harm anyone
  6. Liquid fertilisers are the best food for the plant that needs to be well placed on its leaves. The plant takes up all its food from the leaves in the initial times.

Once your first pineapple grows right then you can plan to restrict yourself to planting them for yourself only else plan to expand it if you have space. These all above steps help you to grow a pineapple.

                                  HAPPY PINEAPPLE PLANTING!!!!


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