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18 Sep

Best Tips To Choose A Dress Shirt For Men Must See – AC

Whether for yourself or for others, choose a dress shirt men may be more difficult than you simplifying assumptions .The Shirt is the most importants for first impression in interviews and self-presentation and social activities. Let us find the dress shirt, it can improve the quality of testing, and a good fit without the difference in the world.

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Here are some important tips that can help you to choose a dress shirt:-

Finding which shirt is best for you

*Choose the best color for you shirt

Different color is more suitable for, if you are in the company of senior positions, you need to use a unique color ratio, as long as you attend a social gathering, relaxing color certain obligations, work. This technique can help you choose a dress shirt.

An interview with reporters, the normal decision-making is the traditional color. White is the preferred for business purposes that is best for favorite color. Light blue or light gray is safe colors to choose from.

If you are looking for a political party or a more vivid image of the bar item, choose a bright or unusual colors. Green and bright orange is more popular because it is pink. Maybe you will not want to show off a date with who you want to stand out in a crowd of people.

Select design of the shirt.

To choose a dress shirt, pure color is considered to be a wardrobe essential, therefore, easier for them to adjust, however, you may choose to recognize subtle stripes or checkered pattern. Various models best suited to the specific situation.

Solid shirt are adjustable, you can wear them with almost any tie (jacquard or solid). If your service or high state to date, solid color, such as black, white, gray or light blue most suitable.

Personalized T-shirts are a bit difficult and relationships combined. All of these types of shirts and more for lower level clerical jobs, holidays or out.

Select the shirt collar.

Two main types of collar is the point (standard) collar and expand the collar. Each collar produce different results, and unique design style and it can help you choose a dress shirt.

  The collar is a standard set of common type ring at an angle of 60 degrees downward edge of the collar, and there is little room for such cases in line with the neck portion. Standard collar is designed to help extend more rounded down to attract the attention of people face.

The latest one is a kind of collar, a little, by some young and energetic consider expansion. Collar point has been "cut" at an angle of 90 degrees, said collar downwards, and wherein the collar has a larger portion of the space between the meet. This collar is held in the face of the person wearing the shirt of the viewer's eyes. Long face people will use this collar is formed to give the results of the round a lot of faces.

Choose the accessories shirt .

Three main types of dress shirt accessories are sporty, slim and wide (traditional). Each pair of people come in all shapes, sizes and preferences of these fits.

Wear shirts and insertion. With the help of several fingers and into the back of the lower side of the shirt. Excessive feeling of the fabric, or not. This technique can help you choose a dress shirt.

A slim fitting blouse or shirt customization is a bit closer to the chest and sides. Almost around the sides and back with no extra fabric. This type of accessory is ideal for people who are weak and have a modern look.

Collect the fabric of the shirt

To choose a shirt, shirt fabric is yarn thickness combination. The four types of material Oxford, suede, denim and precision.

  This may be difficult to identify them without being a professional. As long as you have a magnified glass, you can see the armor points. However, ask the experts say, the fabric is a special shirt.

Shirt thin fabric tightly woven silk. These intrinsically brittle and soft. Shirt fabrics usually used for business meetings and high-level cases.

Select the shirt fabric.

Linen cotton shirt is a common type of fabric. Both are used for other purposes, and create a very different experience.

 Linen is a strong fiber, the percentage of consumption of liquid 20 and allow air to be easily moved. Linen clearer than cotton, the fabric softening manipulation. Since the linen shirt to retain heat, more suitable for autumn and winter. These shirts are informally as a political party. This technique can help you choose a dress shirt

Measure the length of the neck size and sleeve.

To choose a shirt, if you are shopping in a store, most vendors can help you find the ribbon length sleeves and neck size. The following table provides a general guide sleeve size and neck length size, determined by the average size of the shirt.

     If you have your own tape measure neck size and sleeve length before buying a shirt. In general, it is best to do with friends or family.

  In order to measure the size of the neck. A friend pull tape measure around your neck in your Adam's apple level (make sure that your friends will not choke you)


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