ways to make your hair grow
13 Feb

Best ways to make your hair grow healthy and long

Best ways to make your hair grow healthy and long

Do you dream of having long hairs like Rapunzel and you are looking for ways to make your hair grow ? Well, all girls want that, seriously looking for ways to make your hair grow. But let me get this straight, you can’t grow your hair overnight especially if you want use the natural way. So there are no shortcuts. Hair grows about a inch per month. Our health and genetic factors affect your our hair growing trait or we should say phenotype. But this still doesn’t mean that if your grandma had long and luscious hair, you will also be having like the same. Every factor from the skin to hair depends on the environment and how much you care about yourself.

Natural ways of making your hair grow faster are always beneficial, you just have to know the good and proven methods. Here I am going yo list many tips and tricks that will surely make your hair super long, luscious and beautiful.

Ways to make your hair grow

Well, I do not know about others, but I personally crave for long hairs and keep checking remedies to make them healthy and long. In a nutshell, I try to do anything to have them just like the Rapunzel and somewhere succeeded too. Therefore, I feel like sharing my tips with you all, so that you can also have healthy and long locks like me

Here you go for ways to make your hair grow:

1) Trim your hair is one of ways to make your hair grow : If you want your hair not to get those split ends then you should trim your hair every week. Not alot of it, but just few inches to maintain the health of your hair. Its very essential.

2) A hot massage will not only relax you but also prove to be very beneficial for your hair is another ways to make your hair grow. Simply just mix to oils like castor, almond or jajoba oil and heat it in the oven for 1 minute. Then massage onto your hair with this hot oil. It it one of the best ways to grow your hair faster. Oiling is the least you can do for your hair. And if you are doing it twice in a week, then, believe me, you just love your hair. Now, like the water is for the field, so is the oil for the scalp and its nourishment. Therefore, oil the scalp and hair roots so that they get rejuvenated and your dead locks are actually healthy locks.

3) Wet Hair Massage is another ways to make your hair grow : While bathing, massage your scalp with fingers. But make sure not to have shampoo on your hair, just water. This will be perfect!

4) Vitamin 101: This is also known as biotin. Biotin is very beneficial for hair and nail growth. Supplements of biotin should be taken on daily basis. This will speed up the growth process.

5) Conditioning is the most important procedure to  is another ways to make your hair grow grow your hair faster. It replenishes all those nutrients which your hair needs. But don’t forget that conditioner is only for the tips of the hair not the roots.

6) Leave all the heat tools is another ways to make your hair grow , if you want to speed up the process of growing. Those dryers, curling rods and straighteners are doing a great part of damaging our hair-just like it did with me, Sad, isn’t it? We all are obsessed with those heat styling tools. But still if you really are up to use those styling tools, just apply heat protectant all over your hair to reduce the damage.

7) Use Potato water is another ways to make your hair grow : Potato water is very beneficial for hair. It may sound weird. Just boil two potatoes and mash it by adding water. Then apply this paste onto hair and just leave for 10 minutes and rinse off.

8) Apple a Day is another ways to make your hair grow : Yes an apple cidar on your hair every day, will keep your hair healthy every day. Apple cidar provides a shine to your hair by keeping it healthy and moisturized. So if you want to have better then wash your hair with apple cidar every day.

9) Pamper your hair often by massaging them regularly. It is most unique and free hair care, which is easily affordable. What least it demands is your hands, which you can eventually make free from mobile if you love long hairs. 

10) Never ever let the shampoo kill hair, therefore, do not make it a daily habit. Applying it twice a week will do because shampoos are just for removing the dirt and pollutants, not for regular application. It can make the hair brittle, frizzy, and dry.

11) While washing your hair, keep your hand gentle. Do not rub the shampoo, just apply it so that it can easily lather up, and slide down. There is no rocket science in it, so be easy and be gentle.

12) While you shampoo your hair, make sure you have a conditioner by your side. Yeah, this means, apply conditioner every time you shampoo. It moisturizes the hair, protects the sun damage, and keeps the dryness away. It also prevents the dust and dirt sit on a cuticle.

13) It is advised that luke warm wash to hair is always good, but sometimes, warm water can leave the hair dry and hard. Therefore, finish the wash with a cold-water rinse. It will do best for your hairs.

14) Never rub the towel hardly to dry your scalp and hair. Rather, it is advised that pat dry your hair softly and gently. Leave it closed under the towel for some time, so that excess water is soaked in the towel. Then gently pat try it.

15) Never ever brush your hair while they are wet. They are more prone to breakage while they are wet than while they are dry. So, wait until they are enough dry to apply comb. However, it is first advised to work with hand to detangle them and then comb.

16) Trimming is also the important task, which must be done in a regular interval of time. It will remove the split ends and will help the hair grow at a much faster rate.

17) Last but certainly not the least : You must stop assassinating your hairs with all these colors and hair styling tools. You think you are making them look cool, but actually, you are pushing them toward dryness, brittleness, and unhealthy cuticle.  

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