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25 Sep

Best Tips To Show You How To Walk Silently – AC

 HOW TO WALK SILENTLY? A walk whether alone or with someone always has a meaning attached to it. The walk with a known motive leads us to the destination however when we walk just like that to relax or when we are in deep thoughts, when we do not know our destination – such walks have a direct connection with our hearts. At times, walking alone and to walk silently are considered to be the same. Ever thought are they really same? No, they are not. To Walk silently is an art in itself that can be learnt by practice only. Wondering what is so special about to walk silently? Anyone can walk silently easily but just concentrate and create a picture in your mind of someone trying to do it. The sound of the footwear, your breathing, your clothes, your hair do – all make some kind of noise so how can you even think that walking silently is a simple task.

Here are some tips that can help you to walk silently:

Blend into the Mother Nature:

When one really wants to do something that is different from the daily routine things then he/she must learn and understand a lot about that difference first. To walk silently is not just any other activity, it has a lot more to it. It is a science that demands any person to perfectly blend in the nature for no one to know that someone is even around. This art exists since eternity – when the sky used to be the roof for all living beings as well as non living things. To keep themselves safe or to get hold of their prey or to just pass by without anyone knowing – all formed an integral part of the life of any living being.

There still exists many tribes who survive on the natural substances and are experts in spending their lives in dense forests where they really have to be very careful with their moves to protect themselves and their group members from the wild creatures and natural disasters. They have gained perfection in the art of walk silently in such a way that the air currents would even not come to know about there passing by. This can help you to walk silently.

Learning the Art of Walk Silently:


  • To walk silently wearing tight clthing does the trick by ensuring that no noise is created when the clothes and legs rub together
  • Slip into soft footwear – If you want to walk silently try putting on socks since it generally doesn’tmake noise however here the exception are those people who sweat a lot. For them, it is advisable to put on two pair of socks so that the sweat does not create any noise
  • When outside, try not to walk on dry and dead material since they make noise so try to walk on dirt or green grass. This can help you to walk silently.
  • Keep a control on your breathing – To walk silently, breathe quitely moroever never hold your breath and take deep controlled ones when feeling congested
  • Be very careful about what lies below your next step – If you want to walk silently, either the object can make a noise or you can, if it hurts you
  • Always place the heel of your foot down first followed by rolling your foot slowly towards the toes and finally on the ground. This can help you to walk silently.
  • If you are following someone then it becomes necessary to exactly copy every move of that person and make sure that you place your step before that person.
  • If you want to walk silently, do not let the balance and movements of your body go out of hand since it is not only the feet that helps you walk but the entire body is involved in the art of walking silently


The more you do, the more likely it is that you will soon be walking silently without even the surroundings knowing about it. The moment you know all about the nature, you will be a success in this art automatically. And you can walk silently.

Use soft shoes

To walk silently, the harder your shoe, the more noise. The best type of footwear socks or leather moccasins, but fitting shoes or sneakers also work well. Avoid hard soles boots, shoes with heels or hard floors and shoes, which can be difficult to walk. Comfortable, soft shoes are the best way to go.

Make sure your shoes fit perfectly

If your feet slide all the footwear, which can produce squeaky noise, especially if you sweat your feet. If you wear lace-up shoes, put your shoelaces. If you do not, you can click on the shoe or the ground while walking. This tip can help you to walk silently.

Wear thin, tight clothes

If you want to walk silently, baggy Pants can against the legs rubbing while walking, to make a clicking noise. Wear tight pants can minimize this possibility. The use of very soft clothes, training pants made of lightweight cotton, keep noise to a min.

        Tuck shirt into pants and pants into a target shoes or socks. Thereby, the clock is to prevent.
        Shorts are more likely to move and make sounds pants, and you cannot get in short socks. If you must wear shorts, try a piece of string or rubber band to tie at your knees, but not so hard that it cut off circulation. These all tips can help you to walk silently

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