Big toe joint pain
11 Dec

Big toe joint pain and there Causes – AmazeCraze

Have you ever felt pain in your big toe? Yeah, you might have. This is a relatively common incident. Pain in the joint of your big toe is more common than you can think. The human foot has 33 joints. Those can become sore or painful for a lot of reasons. Here we will discuss those reasons which are responsible for big toe joint pain, what can cause it and what you might be able to do to overcome from this problem.

What is Big toe joint pain?

The medical term for big toe joint pain is hallux rigidus. This condition is a kind of degenerative arthritis that creates a stiff or frozen joint that doesn’t bends well as a result of the loss of protective cartilage between the bones. Degeneration of the joint happens as a result of bone-on-bone friction. The formation of bone spurs or bony outgrowths happens in more advanced cases. Because the MTP joint naturally bends anytime when a person takes a step, stiffness of the joint. In the end, it results in hallux joint pain during walking.

Causes of big toe joint pain:

There are lots of reason for big toe joint pain. But here we will be discussing major causes which are responsible for big toe joint problem. For that, we have chosen 10 major causes of big toe joint pain.

1. Gout:

Gout is a metabolic condition that may have an effect on the big toe joint. It happens for uric acid crystals increase around the joints of the back of the foot around the Achilles heel. This results in massive pain throughout the entire foot. Symptoms of gout include a red, hot, and painful joint. If gouts go untreated and occur again and again for some years a joint injury might occur.

2. Sesamoiditis:

The sesamoid bones are two tiny bones that sit below the first MTPJ inside a tendon that flexes the big toe down. It often begins as a dull aching pain beneath the big toe joint and might get to be far more painful to the purpose. it can be tough to weight-bear on the area underneath the big toe joint. Sesamoiditis is common in active people concerned in running sports but also in people that pay long hours on their feet. Runners who run with a forefoot strike also can be additionally vulnerable to this condition than people who run with a midfoot or rearfoot striking pattern.

3. Turf Toe:

Turf toe is a common sports-related injury. It is similar like sesamoiditis is characterized by pain on the lower part of the big toe joint. The pain stems from a sprain, that is an injury or tear to a ligament. Pain could start suddenly with a high force injury lead to swelling and sharp pain within the joint. Some cases the pain may begin more step by step and progress to be more painful.

4. Bunions:

A bunion describes an oversized bump over the big toe joint. That is related to a typical foot condition called hallux valgus. Hallux valgus causes a shift in the big toe position, inflicting it to drift toward the lesser toes over time. Which usual result’s a widened foot and a red, irritated bump on the facet of the big toe joint.  

5. Hallux Limitus:

Hallux limitus may be a condition that limits the joint range of motion at the big toe joint. When we walk, our feet need to distribute pressure for a particular degree. For that, we need some flexibility at the big toe joint. once the big toe joint locks up during gait, arthritis will develop in this joint. Hallux limitus might lead to a bunion or a bump on the top aspect of the big toe joint.

6. Arthritis:

It Happens when the Arthritis of the big toe restricts movement of the big toe. It limits the motion to only little degrees. Arthritis of the big toe is painful and leads to stiffness and swelling of the primary metatarsophalangeal joint. during this situation, the patient may need a fusion of the joint.

7. Bone Marrow Edema

Bone Marrow Edema is a slow healing condition caused by a group of fluid within the bone. this may cause marked swelling and pain which can take up to a year to full recovery. The most common sufferers of this condition are the athlete. That’s why they injure their big toe over and over again.

8. Hallux Rigidus:

Hallux Rigidus is known as arthritis affecting the big toe. The joint that’s affected is the largest joint at the bottom of the ball of the foot. once standing or walking for sustained periods, the joint can radiate sharp pain to the big toe. The most common victims of hallux rigidus are older people. They suffer from big toe joint pain.

9. Diabetes:

Diabetes is one of the most trending health issues. It is also responsible for big toe joint pain. People with diabetes are more vulnerable to foot problems. Because of damage to the blood vessels and peripheral nerves.

10. Injury:

You can injure the big toe in many ways and you will not even feel it for a day. after you stub your toe it’s painful and usually only hurts for a couple of minutes. But if you break a toe you will get an injury which is permanent. If you’ve got an injury within the hallux, you will have caused swelling in the joints. That may cause discomfort by taking part in certain activities and wearing certain shoes.


Luckily we have some solution. Non-surgical and surgical treatment. My personal thought is to go through under non-surgical treatment. If it is possible to get rid of this problem. But if it doesn’t then we should think about the surgical method.

Non-surgical Treatment is the primary line treatment for this condition. A physician might recommend pain killers, anti-inflammatory medicines, ice or heat packs, or perhaps injections. Because those things can cut back pain. Changes in footwear as well as recommendations to avoid thin-soled shoes or high heels. It will be a good idea to wear wider shoes with a curving sole. All these treatments could help decrease the symptoms and pain.

Surgical Treatment is sometimes needed to manage big toe joint pain. Surgery is only needed once non-surgical treatment options haven’t been Successful.

Although Big toe joint pain is treatable but we can avoid this. If we can maintain some specific daily activities I think we can get relief from this pain. Overweight is one of the reasons for big toe joint pain. So, let’s eat well and lead our life correctly to Prevent all kinds of health issues before it happens.

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