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12 Sep

Natural 11 Tips to Get Black Hair In One Week – AC

The trend of using artificial colors to get black hair, people forget almost their natural complexion. It is time to stop using artificial products of hair with the cosmetic change of hair dyes and acceptance of natural remedies for a nice touch. Home remedies to get natural black hair not only covers gray hair but also help you to get your beautiful black hair.

Herbs are obtained from nature very effective to bring in the image of youth, with no side effects. These means that it compare cheaper brand colors on the market. Many people may feel embarrassed to face their well-known friends, relatives, and colleagues with the visibility of white hair. If one or both is present or covered with artificial colors, once the most visible. But today you can get a natural solution for black hair.

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How to get natural black hair?

Most people like the thick and black hair. At the same time, people as do not want to mess up with their hair apply a dye on the market. The best way to restore the thick black hair to get natural solutions. If you check your kitchen at home, there are many ingredients that work very well to make your hair thicker every season. It may take a little time to get thicker hair naturally with original ingredients.

1. Amla

you must have the heard the beneficial effects of amla on billions of people. Many oils and hair care products are with Amla they extract black hair to make bright and shiny. But Amla oil also can make your hair naturally black. You have to take a pint of water and put in two tablespoons Amla powder. Now add a little lemon juice in the solution. It is a wonderful solution for your black hair when the hair with this solution is washed daily.

2. Ghee with Mulethi

you should take Mulethi 1 kg ghee or clarified butter, 1 liter Amla juice and 250 grams and heat medium. Let water evaporate from the mixture. Now you can get the actual content you want. Now, keep the mixture in a glass container. You can use with hair mask every day before going for a hair wash. It is very effective for the new color of your hair jet.

3. Mango

You must be surprised to learn that even the green mango is useful to obtain the black color of your hair. To make a mixture you have to take some green mangoes, and add a few ripe mango leaves with them. Now put in the mixture and mix well and add a little oil. Now you may need to keep the mixture in sunlight for a long time. You can apply this paste and get a wonderful solution for black hair.

4. Mango stone

you can also apply oil mango stones in your hair for black hair. This is also very good for people, to get black hair. Magically transforms the white color to black color. If you can apply it before the age, the hair stops know very quickly after the removal of the harmful effects of dandruff.

5. Orange juice

Orange juice is also very effective for a healthy and black hair. You can use some Amla with orange juice for thick, black hair. You may exempt orange puree and thus may be converted to pulp. Now add a bit Amla powder to it and mix well. You can also change the orange color to see if they are mixed with Amla. This works well for thick black hair to create.

6. Lemon juice with coconut oil

this is an old remedy, must have been made from the root of our grandparents for completely black hair. However, it is quickly revealed by the wonderful result, not only to make your black hair but also helps to remove dandruff on the scalp and strengthen your hair roots. You have to take the right amount of coconut oil in a bowl and set on fire so that warm in appearance. Now, push it in half a lemon and making a mixture.

7. Gooseberry

Gooseberry has great advantages to treating any kind of problem for your hair. With hair problems, this wonderful natural product is also effective in treating various health conditions. You can get the market of solid or powdered fruit. If you adjust the gray hair problem and replace it with the black hair, the powder is the best solution.

8. Onion paste

many people should be afraid of chopped onions because it has a very strong taste, tends to burn eyes. Also, some people their tears will continue to fall from their eyes during the process cutting onions. But apart from this onion also have a wonderful effect of the treatment of natural gray hair. You can cut a small piece of onion and rub over the scalp. Also for best results, peel the onion and end up in your mix.

9. Carrot Juice

You must have heard about the health benefits of carrot juice is consumed by many people who are very careful about their health. Even, to get away from the gray-haired carrot juice is a wonderful remedy. You need every day after getting up in the morning to drink a glass of carrot juice to stay away from gray.

Some people may apply on their hair. However, the carrot juice consumption is much more effective than the application on the scalp. After a month to eat, you can see a visible difference in the hair. It will turn gray to black hair.

10. Lemon with almond oil

this oil is very rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that prevent gray hair with massage. Lemon has other vital vitamins that start hair growth with sufficient food. You need to combine two tablespoons of almond oil and the same amount of lemon juice and mix well. Apply now on the scalp and leave for 30 minutes. It can be easily washed once the time has expired.

11. Curry leaves with coconut oil

Curry leaves are a wonderful aroma leaves are used mostly by people in south India. It is rich in vitamin B. coconut oil helps to supply vitamin B to hair. You need a cup of coconut oil and a handful of curry leaves. Boil the oil and add the curry leaves in it for black hair.


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