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10 Jan

Bones In Human Body Bones The Most Important Part Of Your Body.How Well human Body Bones – AC

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Bones-The Most Important Part Of Your Body.How Well You Know names of bones in the body

How many bones are in the human body what are the names of bones in the body ? 20 major bones in the human body, joints in the body, functions of bones

Bones are the hard frames that make our skeleton which protects our muscular body and the viscera. They are a type of the connective tissue. These are made up of two main materials: calcium salts which make the bones hard and collagen fibers which make them strong but also a bit flexible. After the death, the collagen rots away, leaving just the durable hard parts behind.

The bones in our skeleton are moist, living organs with their own blood supply. If one looks inside a bone, one can see that it is not solid. If the bones were solid they would have been so heavy that we would have not been able to move.

The bone consists of a spongy part which is made up of bony struts and spaces filled with bone marrow and is strong but light; bone marrow which is a jelly like substance that fills the spaces inside bones, stores fat and also make blood cells ; compact bone which is made up of parallel tubes of bony tissue which is dense, strong and forms the outer layer of the bone; periosteum which is the outer layer of tissue that surrounds the bone; blood vessels which supply the osteocytes with food and oxygen.

Do you know number of bones when baby born ?

When a baby is born the number of bones is as much as 300 but as the baby grows, the bones fuse together and finally end up to 206. The smallest bone in the body is the stapes or stirrup, found inside the ear; the longest bone is the femur or the thigh bone; the skull is the most complex bone.

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There are 22 skull bones, Names of bones in the body Please check image for there names

skull bones

21 of which have wiggly edges that lock together in sutures (immovable joints) like pieces in a jigsaw. Sutures stop skull bones from moving, making the skull really strong. The only skull bone that does move freely is the mandible or lower jaw. If it didn’t, we would not have been able to eat, drink or speak

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