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Presently today in this post I'm with another/old procedure to expand your Adsense Income by Blocking Low CPC Ads with rules if you are looking for "list of low cpc adsense ads, block low paying adsense ads, adsense low paying ads list 2017, low cpc adsense list 2017, list of low cpc adsense ads 2017, low cpc ads list 2017, block low cpc adsense, low paying adsense list, how to increase ,adsense earnings on youtube, how to increase adsense earnings per click, increase adsense clicks, double adsense earnings, how to optimize adsense earnings, increase adsense cpc

All we're going here is simply heading off to the settings of Adsense record and the hindering the advertisements which pays your less! How about we do it…

How to block Low Paying CPC Ads in Google Adsense?

Step 1: Loing into your Google Adsense Account

Step 2: Go to “Allow & block ads” section in google adsense found at the top menu bar.

Step 3: There you can see many options regarding blocking ads with various category such as General category, Sensitive category and Advertisers category. you can block the ads. By making them to shown revelant ads related to your niche!


Step 4: And Now next step just the “Click Advertisers URLs”. And in the box, paste given all URLs and click Block URLs buddon once you click on Block URL button all done.

Step 5: After clicking the block urls button as shown in screenshot, you can see the low paying ads/urls are blocked in your adsense account now you no need to worry about low paying ads.



If you’re not able to traget on high CPC keywords on google ads, then with this Blocking Low CPC ads method can 100% increase your earnings without no risks.

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