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28 Aug

Broken Bones Types of Fractures and Bone Structure Anatomy – AC

Broken Bones – Types of Fractures and Bone Structure Anatomy

Are you worried about the different types of bones and the fractures? There are several types of bones that exist in human body and with regards to the bone types there are different types of fractures as well. Talking about fractures make it important to understand the term in its truest sense. Fracture is regarded as the scientific term that identified broken bones in any part of the human body. The scientific terms and use of medication for each types of fractures is another criteria that divides the types once again.

Types of Bone Fracture

Starting from adults to children the bone structure differs in terms of count and also type. The same applies for the fracture types that are present in children and adult. Let’s take a look at the different types of broken bones that are available in the human body:

1. Comminuted Fractures

These are common types of bone fractures that are marked in both children and adult. This type of bone fracture include breaking of bones into several smaller pieces. This might happen due to extreme external pressure or fall from heights causing severe pain in individuals suffering from it.

2. Greenstick Bones

When there is a fracture caused at one side of the bone, it is termed as Greenstick bones. This happens due to a perpendicular force acting on the bones longer axis. This phenomenon is visible only in children whose bones are much more flexible compared to that of the bones in adult. The amazing factor about this type of breakage is that the bones only tend to break and therefore, slightly bend only. There is no breaking as such,but this causes much pain and distress among children.

3. Avulsion Fractures

This is also a popular type of fracture that are found among individuals. This involves the breaking of bones into several smaller pieces and then completely breaking it off from the main bone part. This is caused due to extreme pressure or force applied to that of the ligament or a tendon. This is caused due to overextension of tendon and muscle, with that of traumatic pulling of body muscles and ligaments.

Apart from this, there are several other types of fractures that could be recorded in the scientific dictionary. To know the details about the fractures of different kinds one can record the following known varieties of broken bones in human body according to angle:

  • Transverse fractures are caused when a force is applied to the bone at a right angle. These are basically formed perpendicular to the longer axis of the bones.
  • When an extreme twisting force is applied to a bone it results in spiral fractures which are extremely painful and causes distress of various level among the individuals.
  • The last recorded fracture depending upon the angle of force applied is oblique fracture that is caused to human beings when a force is applied to the bones at anh known angle other than right angle.

While one knows the different type of broken bones in human body they must also be aware of the symptoms and ways to cure the problem with the help of physicians.

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