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01 Oct

How To Burglar Proof Your Home? – AC

One big question would always been arising in your Mind, How to Burglar Proof Your Home. Often we come across house burglary news in or around town. The victim of such traumatic experience can be anyone including you. So find out here how you can save yourself your homes from such attacks.

In order to make sure that you doesn’t fall victim to this, you need to take some important yet simple measures. For this it’s necessary to know who does this and how does it all happen.

Here are some best steps to Burglar Proof Your Home:


To burglar proof your home, being human, the general tendency of criminals is to find an easy target to hit and they are in constant search of such houses. From the point of view of burglars, they find a target easy when they see no chances of being traced, trapped or identified.


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Unoccupied houses:

Houses with ease of accessibility, Houses in dark.

These are all factors which provide burglars with immunity from being seen, traced, trapped or identified. All the burglars, concern with safety are in always hurry to get in and out.

Most of the criminals are opportunist, they will target that house they seem favorable for being safe. While some track the house to plan and later work out details to strike a house.

While going for general security measures, first thing is to review current security measures, mere relying on lock or certain instruments is not enough as this can give an illusion of security rather than actually being useful. This step will help you to burglar proof your home

Securing unoccupied house:

To burglar proof your home, such houses are most preferred targets, so when leaving house make sure to create illusion of house being inhabited. This can be done by fitting timers to certain lights especially those at entrance and outside of your house which may automatically get on/off indicating presence of someone inside the  house. Fitting timers to some equipment such as air conditioner will enhance this effect further. Add extra security to all doors, windows and all probable entrances. It’s always wise to ask neighbors to keep watch till you are back.

Unlocked doors and windows:

Another, most common way burglars use to enter house, is from doors and windows, intentionally or unintentionally kept open. Many times people leave main doors and windows of house unbolted being in hurry, while they enter house. This gives opportunist burglar a chance to strike your house and decamp with valuable booty within no time. So be carefull to lock all main doors and windows properly. This step will help you to burglar proof your home.

Poorly lit house:

To burglar proof your home, the absence of good light is a great bonus for miscreants as these gives them extra cover from being seen. Lit the outside of house properly even if house is inhabited this will help in keeping burglars away.

Home visitors:

Be careful while allowing strange visitors in your home. This may be like giving an opportunity to them, either to steal some valuables or make a way for re-entry later, especially in case when you allow in, some new unknown service providers. Do check your valuables, doors and windows after they leave. This step will help you to burglar proof your home.


To burglar proof your home, another important aspect many of us overlook .Do not hide your extra keys at some common places such as below foot mattress, near doors and near such places. Better carry your keys and if you need to place them, hide them at very unusual places without bringing it to anyone’s notice. Do not leave your keys unattended when out as making duplicate now a day is an easy task. In case you lost them, opt for changing lock rather than making duplicate keys. For those who shift in rented house and apartment, it’s always safe to get lock changed.

Door and window fittings:

Your doors should be robust enough to resist any breaking attempt, also make sure that fit and finish of your doors and windows is ok such as no gap is visible between door and frame. Burglars try to put hinges or screwdriver in an attempt to make a way in.

All the hinges of entry doors and windows are to be fitted from inside and help you to burgle proof your home. Make sure that the bolts/nuts holding inside locks do not displace even though door is pushed or kicked from outside with extra force.

The gap between adjacent window and door should be sufficient enough to resist any manual attempt to unlock door by inserting hand through window.

Leaving things outside:

To burglar proof your, do not leave things such as ladder, stool, drum or any tool. By doing these you may be providing help to burglar to climb into your house.

Maintain cleanness outside:

Do not let grow your shrubs in wild manner, cut the tress branches from down. These will not leave possible hideouts for bad guys. Park your vehicles locked if you want to burglar proof your home and at proper places as vehicles provide big space for hideouts.

Tiny entrances:

To burglar proof your home, carefully inspect and make sure that, even a child can’t accesses entry through tiny passages such as toilet windows, exhaust fan opening and air-condition duct.

Keeping a Dog:

Having a barking dog is an additional advantage as it keeps miscreants away from your house. And help you to burglar proof you home.

Manage your trash properly as this could let others know about what you have purchased, especially when you through away cartoons and packaging materials after unwrapping items.

Mail box

  • To burglar proof home, allowing newspapers or mails to pile up in front of your house gives signals that either you are busy else were or your or your house is inhabited which is again is a positive signal for miscreants.
  • Besides, do take care that your valuables are not visible through windows or to unknown persons when they are in your house. It is a good practice to let your neighbors to know if you are out as they can report, if they sense any activity in your absence. Additional use of hi-tech equipments such as wide angled door cameras, motion sensor flood light, CCTV and alarm siren will always prove a bonus while boosting up home security. While fitting some electronic locks and similar instruments, try and know about their operations, as these systems can prove hazard while getting out of house in emergency.
  • Summing up, your aim is not to burden yourself by turning your house into fort like security as it’s not about making your house cent percent burgle proof, but the motto is to make your home less appealing to burglars to break in. These all steps will help you to burglar proof your home.
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