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01 Jun

Canoeing- The King of Adrenaline Packed Outdoor Sports

Ever faced the whooshing wind jostling your hair out and about with whistles of air blowing in your ears and  The water drops falling on your skin with the tides of the ocean while canoeing with a bunch of your friends? It is not always as effortless as a rope tied to your waist and falling from a building. There is actual risk involved here especially if you are the sailor of the canoe. It’s not just a recreation, It’s a way of life!

So What Makes It Fun?

It is not just the water and tides that makes the fun in  canoeing but the experience of nature and exploration of oceans beyond. Once you begin the ride and leave the city behind, you let go of the stress of your daily routine.  Not to mention you might find health benefits of keeping in touch with nature and leaving your stress behind. There is paddling and rowing involved that makes a great deal of cardiac exercises.

You might find it hard to keep the smile off your face when surrounded by nature and new sights to explore. Canoeing has a great deal of health benefits that increase fitness, Agility and flexibility. Rowing and paddling for hours might pain your muscles but you will definitely find an excessive new strength in your muscles that just does not come from everyday gym routine.

So What to wear for Canoeing?

Outdoor activities like canoeing are fun filled packages of thrill and adrenaline if you do them with the right instructors and have the right kit with you. Canoeing can be even more enjoyable if you use the right helmets, wetsuits, paddles and spray decks.

So Whatever you try in life, the absolutely thrilling and breathtaking adventure of canoeing should be on top of your list. With so much to offer in the deep and spacious oceans, your ride will be something you’ll cherish for a lifetime!


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