peppermint tea for tooth pain relief

The origin of green tea can be traced back to China where it was used to treat everything from a minor headache to severe cases of depression. Today, Green tea has achieved worldwide acclaim for its medicinal properties. The reason can be attributed to the fact that green tea isContinue Reading

Muscle Building

A lot of young guys are very curious about how to make muscles. They also feel bad if they are underweight. For all such issues, muscle building is the unanimously solution. Muscle building is an art which requires some expertise in order to achieve the desired results. Following are someContinue Reading

How Yoga Helps Prevent Diabetes

The increasing stress levels, the highly competitive workplace, growing reliance on junk or readymade/pre-cooked food and tight schedules are hampering our health significantly. Lifestyle diseases are some of the most commonly heard illness in the present context and more and more people are falling prey to it. Diabetes probably claimsContinue Reading

be happy

How To Be Happy: Happiness is not a basic objective, but is about making improvement, when it is as challenging as always. Being happy frequently means constantly discovering fulfillment, pleasure, a sensation of joy, and a feeling that your life is significant during all types of issues — that doesContinue Reading