Long Term Teenage Relationship Problems

Most teenagers find it hard to navigate the world of love and dating. These problems are universal to all teenagers. Everyone goes through them at some point in life. Teenager find dating very complicated. Below are the common problems experienced and possible solutions. Unreciprocated love It is common to loveContinue Reading

Relationship Problems Communication

Most people haven’t learned how critical communication is in a relationship. Without it intimate relationship is difficult. This is because you cannot be able to express or listen to one another hence no intimacy. Developing a good communication between partners enables them to preserve a respectful and loving relationship. TechnologyContinue Reading

How to Tell if Your Wife Is Cheating

Before a storm clouds always gather. If there is unfaithfulness in a relationship the signs will always be there and very clear signs as a matter of fact. Most couples because they really want the relationship to work, they will disregard these warning signs. Some of the warning signs toContinue Reading

Handlebar moustache is the type that requires no introduction, for this has been around for centuries. Some of the famous Renaissance artists have it, as well as the actors in the Wild West movies. This is the result of allowing your moustache to grow in inches and be formed inContinue Reading

How to make a woman happy

Many men believe women are hard to understand. In most cases it is true. It’s hard to know what they really want and how to keep them happy in your relationship.  That will change as the tips discussed here will give you a head start and help you strengthen yourContinue Reading