02 Jan

CCleaner Must know about CCleaner

CCleaner is one of the popular freeware cleaner software since 2003. It has over 1 billion downloads since the release year. The software is a product of Piriform and has taken the top spot very quickly as utility software. By using this software you can empty the recycle bin, check disks, remove temporary files and boost your computer speed. You can also create backup files by using CCleaner. It is available in 47 languages. User can run this software on Windows and Mac platform.


The main feature of this software is to clean temporary files that slow your computer’s performance. When you have too much unwanted and inactive data in your system, it can slow your computer. CCleaner finds out the unwanted and inactive files from your system including media players, office tools, Netscape, WinRaR, Java, Adobe Flash Player, and Nero etc. CCleaner also looks up your browsing history, memory dumps; recycle bin, file fragments, log files and other data which you can choose to remove. From Windows, it can remove recent documents, clipboard, DNS cache, error reporting, jump lists etc.

By using the Registry Cleaner, you can fix your Windows problems such as missing references to shared DLLs and application path, unused file extinctions etc. It’s takes to be an expert to do these things manually. So if you are a regular user then it’s very safe and easy to use CCleaner for this task.

Another feature of CCleaner is the uninstall programs in your computer. It’s difficult to uninstall unwanted programes manually so using CCleaner you can remove your desired software in a systematic way.

Sometimes you will experience that your desktop takes too much time to appear. This happens when you have activated too many startup programs. CCleaner can disable startup programs in order to get a quick start of the computer. From version 2.19.901, user can delete system restore points by using CCleaner.

CCleaner is a very useful little software which can be used easily by any user. The feature it contains is very helpful and it’s amazing to know that it’s a freeware. Those who are not much experienced in system cleaning and computer, this software can guide them to clean and utilize their computer. For experienced users, it’s a great time saver. Piriform is improving the software gradually to attract more users. As a result its popularity is growing rapidly.

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