Common Long Term Relationship Problems
30 Dec

Common Long Term Relationship Problems for Men women and Solutions

Common Long-Term Relationship Problems for Men women and Solutions

In any relationship there are bumps that will be encountered. One must prepare to meet them head-on and come out unscathed or stronger than they were before. Successful couples are those who have mastered how to overcome those bumps in the process keeping their love going. Below are the common long term relationship problems to guard against.  


All relationships rely on good communication. The partners should be in good terms and talking to each other. This brings confidence and trust as well as honesty. Without it cracks start to emerge and the relationships fall apart.  Be a good listener to your partner. Understand her needs and address them appropriately. You can use body language to affirm what has been discussed. Do not assume your partner will know what happened or what to make of it, if you do not let them, so that you do not end up making too many common long term relationship problems that breakups your relationship.


Cheating is very common in most relationship problems. It has led to many breakups and has to be addressed well.  There are many forms of infidelity such as emotional infidelity, financial infidelity, internet relationships, one night stands and both long and short term affairs. Transparency and trust is very important. A man should be able to prioritize his family and not do something to jeopardize their trust. Seek professional help for the common long term relationship problem.

Sexual problems

This can arise from loss of libido. Not being able to satisfy your woman well as she dreams. Some men even have high sexual appetite than their partners. This results in them forcing their partners to meet their expectations causing conflicts. It is important that partners understand one another in order to meet their needs. When you have an erectile dysfunction problem or even infertility problem, address it as a couple and find a solution together. Seek professional help together to curb it. All common long term relationship problems have solutions if well sought.

Domestic violence

When you go out with your friends and come back wasted, please do not take it out on your partner. Maintain calmness. When you start quarrel over flimsy things it will cause a great common long term relationship problem that might end up in separation or divorce. Watch your actions when you are intoxicated. On the other hand, you might have been wronged by your partner.  She is not perfect and is prone to mistakes as everyone else. Discuss things in an orderly manner and get a solution. Do not take out your work related stress on your partner as it will cause a big common long term relationship problem that will tear years of hard work to the ground.  Protect your family as the man, because you are their source of security.

Lack of responsibility

Be responsible in your relationship. Take care of one another. Help one another to bring up your family strongly and rightly. Do not leave all the hard lifting to your partner. Sooner or later she will start feeling used and that’s where you will start experiencing some of these common long term relationship problems with her when she loses trust in you.

Manipulation by friends

Friends are good but do not let them dictate to you what should happen in your home. As partners it’s your responsibility to learn how to cope with one another and address any problems that might arise between the two of you.  When friends get over involved in ones relationship, in most cases the couples start experiencing common long term relationship problems that arise because they no longer believe in each other. In fact, the ability to resolve their differences without outside interference is watered down.

Carefully consider the above mentioned common long term relationship problems to avoid making similar mistakes that will lead to breakup. Where necessary seek professional guidance or help. Where corrections can be made, ensure they are made before they develop into long term relationship problems.

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