10 Rules for dating safety
11 Jan

10 Rules for dating safety tips how to date and be safe

What can you do to ensure you are safe when out with a date If you are a single girl, of course, you want dating. However, you should bear in mind that there might be some problems dating, so you must be careful. Following simple rules will keep your first date safe as well as your health and mood in a good state. Here is a list of the tips that, probably, will help you, if applied:
Suggestions for avoiding making poor choices and decisions while dating

1.    Go with your friends. It does not mean that they should sit together with you at the same table. No. That supposes only asking a friend to sit with you at the same cafe or a restaurant, or any other place.

2.    Utilize your means of transportation. Take a public bus or your car in order to get home, so that you will not have to rely on your new partner. He shouldn’t know your address on the first date.

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3.    Dating safety tips for college students Look carefully at your drinks and food. Remember that many pick-uppers might put some chemical or drug into your beverages or food to take advantage of you. Protect yourself and keep an eye on everything you eat and drink.

4.    Safe online dating tips: Create evidences. That means meeting in a public place just in case there might be an unpleasant situation. If you are a single girl dating, then it’s important for you to have somebody who will defend that you were right in court. Hope, that it will not come to this step.

5.    Pay for food and drinks yourself. Take some extra money and do not rely on your new friend on the first date. He might think that if he paid for you, you are in debt to him, and he has a right to demand it from you.
6.   First date safety Don’t ignore negative signs. If you noticed that there is something wrong with him, leave a place immediately. For example, if you noted that he is humiliating you or drunkard.

7.    Google his data. We live in a contemporary world with modern technologies available. Therefore, there is no need to ignore them. Find his page on the social network, analyze, and make conclusions.
8.   Safe dating website  Live now and at this current moment. That means that you don’t have to create those fantasies about your future on the first date. Just live now, and if it is uncomfortable to be with him now, can you imagine what might happen in future?

9.    Safe dating verification Do not give your personal data to anybody. Of course, if you enjoy spam and imposing calls, you may ignore this advice.

10.  Be honest. Tell openly about your future plans, goals. Moreover, you may tell where you would like to live. However, at this step it is better not to tell how many children you would like to have because it may scare him.
Hope that your first date will please you and you will build strong relationships in the future. And last, but not least, if you do not like his appearance, do not push yourself to date with him even if he seems to be a good guy. You have to like not only his soul, but also sexually attracted by him.

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