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9 Ways How To Deal With A Jealous Partner – AmazeCraze

Jealousy can be extreme and disturbing. It results in fear and insecurity. Most often it results in arguments and can lead to violence in a relationship. It’s not easy to handle jealousy in a relationship. It can be very confusing and even threaten the entire relationship. There are many ways jealousy can come about. First and foremost it is a sign of insecurity and fear of losing the person they love. It is not bad to be jealous in a relationship and no one can choose to be jealous. It just arises from misunderstanding and lack of good communication. 

There are a number of ways jealousy arises in a relationship. One partner may not like how their partner hangs out with their friends, having a lot of fun which they never have together. It generates insecurity of losing that person they love. Jealousy of misunderstanding is not bad, but irrational jealousy is bad.

The following tips will help you handle and cope with a jealous partner

Listen to them

The jealousy your partner is showing is in itself communication. They are trying to let you know how they are feeling about what is going on. Therefore, it is important to pay attention. Most cases when there is a lot of jealousy, your partner is merely trying to make you pay attention and show them that you still love and care for them.  In order for the relationship to work, you need to listen to each other and get what they have to say.  Read your partner’s mind and their actions, give them enough attention, particularly when they are feeling a lonely and hold their hand to reassure them.


If for some reason your partner annoyed you, it is important to let them know rather than keeping quiet about it. The consequences of not letting them know will only making things worse for you both. Instead of deliberating what you make of it, simply talk to them and work things out. This will allow you to have more time to spend together happily.  When your partner calls you and tells you they have something important to say, do not walk away.  This is regardless of how senseless it may seem, because to them it may mean a lot and they will be very hurt and in great need of your reassurance.

Read the signs

In most times the feeling of jealousy will leave them feeling low and disappointed and may not tell you. Simply look for signs suggesting they are upset about something. Hug your sweetheart, rub their shoulders and talk to them. Coax your partner into telling you what really is on their mind. Let them know how much they mean to you. At times it is very easy to misunderstand, but easier for your partner to feel better if you give it a try.

Put yourself in your partner’s shoes

One of the ways of dealing with jealousy is learning to put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Look at it from their stand point and what you would have done if it was you. How would you have reacted? Before you draw any conclusions, first of all try to understand what they are going through. Sometimes they are simply trying to make a good impression.


One of the ways of dealing with jealousy is reassuring your partner. Getting angry with your partner for getting jealous will only make things worse. Tell them how sorry you are for neglecting them. Reassure them of how much you really care and love them. When they get jealous it’s because they are afraid of losing you and probably just want your attention.

Jealousy and love

When you are jealous in a relationship, don’t be ashamed or consider it a bad sign. It basically means that you strongly care for someone in a way that you are afraid of losing them. This creates a burning feeling when you see someone flirting with your partner making you think they are having a nice time without you. This can result in insecurity turning into bitter jealousy. However, jealousy can be experienced in moderation for successful relationship. 

Be available it’s important to be available to your partner. This will assure them that they still have you.  They see you reciprocating their love and you being nice to them it will make them happy and feel appreciated. Being there when they need

Be responsive

Consistently demonstrate to your partner that they can always count on you time and time again. This will make them be less suspicious and trusting. It is not easy to do it and will take a lot of energy. However, it is important to resist the urge to withdraw from a very demanding partner.

Address their fears and anxieties

Talk to your partner and let them know where you stand. This will help address their anxieties and calm them down. It will also be able to make them believe that your feelings towards them haven’t changed at all.  Do not dismiss their concerns but address them. Sit down with them and explain the situation and let them know they are not being replaced.  Get them to talk about their concerns and feelings in your sit down together. This will bring about many benefits which will help address the misunderstandings and guarantee a stable relationship.

Be honest and good listener

This will enable you to discuss any issues that have arisen directly and know whether they are making it all up. Sometimes it’s just an imagination they are making and believing that they are losing their partner. However, it needs to be addressed in order to avert any misunderstandings which can result in costly arguments ruining the relationship.

These are some of the methods or tips you can use to deal with a jealous partner. Always remember that jealousy is natural, address its root causes and you will be fine. This will help you avoid relationship problems resulting from misunderstandings which can create serious arguments. Good luck fixing your relationship.

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