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23 Apr

Diet and Hollywood Celebs

Diet is inevitable for health. One should have a proper diet, adding proper proteins, calcium, iron and calcium supplements to their regular diet, to be healthy. An individual whose body is not proportionate is considered overweight or skinny, none of which looks great.

Looking great every time a person steps out has a lot to do with diet. If you are thinking who looks great 24/7? Then, the answer is- ‘the movie stars’. But is it all make up? No, it is not. Each celebrity has to be fit not only to look fit, but to be strong enough to justify each role and spend strenuous days of shooting (indoors and outdoors). Being fit is possible only with exercise and proper diet.

Diets of 5 Hollywood Celebs  

  1. Kristen Stewart: Kirsten is the highest paid Hollywood actress and her diet is a pretty normal one. She is fond of low fat Mexican food. At 22, she sure did relish her pastas and pies filled with cheese while shooting for the movie ‘Breaking Dawn’. All the swimming and dancing has helped her burn the calories. But now, she has stopped the red meat and butter intake.
  2. Emma Watson: Emma became popular with her character ‘Hermione Granger’ in Harry Potter films. She follows a healthy diet rather than a strict one. A healthy diet is one where she is not surviving on morsels, but she has cut out on salt, sugar and saturated fat intake. She eats fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, well cooked meat and avoids junk food, processed food and takeaways. She loves bagels and does enjoy her share of pastas and chocolates. Her diet is truly a great example of a healthy and balanced diet.
  3. Taylor Lautner: Taylor is very serious and strict about his diet and exercise. He had to develop his muscle for his role as ‘Jacob Black’ but his metabolic rate was really high due to all the karate training since he was 6 years old. Taylor says, “A simple instruction to develop muscle is eat healthy, calorie dense food.” Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are necessary along with proper exercise to build a body like that of Taylor.
  4. Ann Hathaway: The Oscar winner star prefers a plant based diet along with her exercise of course. She did follow a 30days starvation diet for her movie role in ‘Les Miserable’ but otherwise has a healthy clean diet. She loves vegan desserts. She is happy in her fit and beautiful self. Her personal note on turning 30 was, “I feel prettier and much more myself.”
  5. Jonny Depp: Famous for his role in the movie, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, Jonny Depp has a great physique and is the slimmest among the Hollywood actors. His toned body follows regular exercise and proper diet. His balanced diet plan includes fruits, chicken, vegetables and soy products. He takes 6 meals a day.

With a balanced diet and regular exercise, you too can be fit as these Hollywood celebs.

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