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28 May

Download YouTube Video How To Download YouTube Video High Quality YouTube Videos Fast

YouTube is one of the biggest video search engine found on the internet large number of videos on it and you can download YouTube Video. It is the host to millions of millions of videos and more millions of channels containing related videos. Any time it arises that someone has some new topic arisen, the person would be wise enough to decide to post the video of the topic on a desirable channel on their video sharing site of choice.

Fortunately, it appears that most people would rather share their videos on YouTube than anywhere else. This is the logic behind this article. If people post all their videos on YouTube, then shouldn’t there be a way of obtaining copies of these videos so that one is able to use them at their convenience even though they do not have access to the internet? Well, if there wasn’t a way, then I guess this article would have a better title or would use its first line to declare that it is just being sarcastic. This is where it all comes to a standstill.

Yes you can Download YouTube Video, there are ways to Download YouTube Video. Millions of them actually. But is it even Download YouTube Video legal? Can it lead to some sort of a legal action against one or something? Here, the lines are blurred out grey and I cannot seem to come out for sure that I know the thing that is right or wrong in such a case. This is where I decide to give you the choices and make your pick.

YouTube does not offer one the chance to sell their videos so definitely, YouTube is not making any kind of direct revenue from the “owners” of the videos. I quote the word owners because videos uploaded on YouTube some how become a property of YouTube and cannot as be explicitly stated as such that they belong to those who created them. YouTube takes possession of the videos for good reasons though, and some of them are out as the fact that individuals can’t properly protect the videos if they were left in the possession from theft, piracy and copyright infringement. In fact, the owners of the videos would incur costs as they purchase copyrights to make sure their videos are not abused.

And what do you say to this? Since YouTube owns the videos but does not sell them, how then does YouTube make money?

A very simple and straightforward answer is available for this question and here it is: advertising. You might already have watched several videos on YouTube and seen those adverts that you have to watch for 5 seconds before you can skip to watching your videos as well as those other adverts slide in as you watch your thing of interest. This is where you need to be careful with why YouTube would make such a statement as that “You shall not download any content from YouTube unless the ‘Download’ button was placed there.”

Download YouTube Video A downloaded video cannot host or display adverts that would directly benefit YouTube itself. Therefore, downloading the videos is like taking money out of their pockets. Measures against this practice are abundant. However, even with all those measures, threats and legal prosecution possibilities, people still went forth to develop their means of downloading videos from YouTube. So, why not take your chances with the download if you think it is really necessary? Here are the major means. And, although I’m going to list a few, there is one that is my personal favourite and I’m going to list it last in this list.

Using Dedicated apps to download youtube video

Download YouTube Video

Download YouTube Video

Everyone might have heard of Tube Mate, which is a third party application, not an official YouTube app that aids people to access as well as download videos from YouTube. Basically, this works by means of accessing the video from YouTube and somehow copies it to their server then avail it to you for download. This is quite technical for you, but you don’t need to know that. All you need to do is search for the video that you would like to download and the download button would be present on the page where you are viewing the video, usually an arrow pointing downwards.

Other apps work pretty much the same manner as Tube Mate to Download YouTube Video, though the idea may vary a little from app to app, though the foundation of the idea is just the same.

Download YouTube Video

Download YouTube Video

Most of these apps are available on most platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS X, iOS for iPhones, Android and many other platforms. Most of the apps are free while others may cost money. The choice of the app depends on the features available as well as local compatibility. There are very many apps out there and it wouldn’t be fair if I am unable to list just a few.

  1. HD Tube Down
  2. TubeMate
  3. YouTube Gaming
  4. TubeMote

… And the list continues.

Download YouTube Video Using Download Managers(Download Youtube Video)

Download YouTube Video

Download YouTube Video

Many people use download managers to aid them download files from the internet fast without interruption. The idea of download managers is not new and most browsers of the new days, that’s the year 2010 and beyond, have their own download managers well incorporated into them, for the convenience of the users. However, what most people do not realize is that using a third party download manager makes things a lot easier than you would think.

Let’s take something like Internet Download Manager (or IDM for short). With IDM, once you purchase your serial number from them – after the 30 day free trail – you get to be able to enjoy downloads at nearly 10 times the usual speed and zero cases of corrupted files after the download as a result of improper segmenting and pausing of downloads. IDM has never been a disappointment.

Apart from the primary role of the download managers being used to download files, most of the professionally developed download managers do have an inbuilt ability to capture videos on video sharing websites such as YouTube and avail a download link. Now, if I am to generalize every download manager out there being able to do this, I would be lying. Let me narrow down to what I have experienced myself.

IDM puts a “Download this video” right next to the video itself. Now, all you need to do is just click that link and watch IDM do its magic: and this can be summarized down to a few words: life made simpler. Oh, and by the way, IDM works with everything else, even videos embedded on other sites that are not YouTube itself. Tada!

And then my personal favourite comes…

Online conversion sites for Download Youtube Video

Wait, these are not my favourite as such. For one, I   cannot have sites as a favourite! I would be the worst of creatures that have a horrible taste and conception of what a personal favourite is, it is only that my personal favourite services lies under this category.

The idea behind these sites is a simple one. The site somehow captures the video from the YouTube server in no time (almost literally), then avails the video to you in the format and quality you choose. And that takes us now to my all-time person favourite that I am a very big fan of: has a very simple outlay of their service as you might already guess that it why it is my personal favourite. Whoever authored this service was quite a smart human and thought of how to make life easier for people with little time to spend trying to figure out how to download a video in a few seconds. registered a smart domain name,, which anyone should not say that is a duplication of the official In fact, I have never used the site found at purely on its own, but I know it saves me a billion seconds each time I remember it. Smile, here we go.

When you are on YouTube watching a video, you may see something creepy on the browser address bar in the order of This is not gibberish as it may seem as it becomes very useful in the case of downloading videos like this. Basically, our interest lies in the YouTube domain name, and specifically after the “www.” What happens is that we need to redirect YouTube to in order to download the video, so all you need to do is convert the part immediately after the “www.” from “youtube” to “ssyoutube” and there you go, ready to download your video.

To make things simpler, let's say uou want to download the video found at url This URL may appear in any of these variations:

To anyone, these should not be any different and so aren’t they to Now that you have the URL you need, in order to download the video, all you need is to do the conversion like this:

And what will be found at that new URL is the video at YouTube waiting for you to click the “Download” button. If you wish to customise your download, you are at the liberty to do your selection, which include the format you want the video in such as “.mp4”, “.avi” or “.flv” which are the most common formats, and the quality in the order of 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p etc, where the one with the highest value before the p is the best quality.

You can then download the video with your chosen download manager or the browser built in download manager.

Apart from, there are other websites that provide the same service only with some variations where one need to copy the URL to their website and paste it there and wait a little for them to compile your download in the format you need. They all pretty much work the same way, and the choice is absolutely in your hands.

The good thing about and a few other sites that provide the same service is that it has a browser add-on for Firefox, for PC, Mac and mobile apps. When you install the add-on, all you need is to visit YouTube, where you will find the download button placed right there at the bottom of the video the YouTube style. All you need to do is click the button and get downloading. Things are so much easier this way. And the tasty part of it, this whole thing, the service itself as well as the browser add-on is all free for life! Smile, for we are now done with the simple thing!

Final word to download youtube video

woman workingTo Download YouTube Video As introduced earlier, in as much as there are means of downloading YouTube video, it remains controversial whether or not they should be downloaded and that takes the choice to you and only you. Although myself, I do not know of anyone who has been sued for doing this, I cannot advise you to Download YouTube Video. For one, that would be ruining their business. And if you had a business, I am sure you would have better plans than getting them botched by someone who discovered walk-around for the official means you provide your service in.

Other than that, offline YouTube videos can really be useful in situations where internet connectivity is limited, or cases where you need to present something on one platform without having to switch between applications to have yourself well heard by your audience. Download YouTube Video is sometimes something for your convenience and that might be the right time to decide whether or not to stick with the rules or to simply break them for the greater good.

And by the way, if you wish to post the video or embed it somewhere on the internet then you may not have to choose whether or not to Download YouTube Video. YouTube provides a very easy means of sharing the videos as well as embedding the videos on websites outside YouTube, even though the video was not uploaded by you. In that case, you wouldn’t have a reason to infringe the policies provided by YouTube.

Otherwise, I wish you happy downloading ! Enjoy.Download YouTube Video

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