Most Common Early Signs of Pregnancy
21 Jun

Are You Pregnant? Most Common Early Signs of Pregnancy

Witnessing each and every signs of pregnancy is a blessings for women. But due to unawareness on the early symptoms, most of the women fail to comprehend their early signs of pregnancy. Needless to mention, experiencing the changes in your body shape and condition makes you feel the happiest on earth, but unless you have the knowledge about the symptoms, you cannot understand that you are going to give birth to a little angel.

No more you have to feel stressed thinking,” Am I pregnant or not?”

Following are some of the early signs of Pregnancy

You Missed Your Period : 

Missing your periods is one of the most common signs considered to understand whether you are pregnant or not. In the childbearing months, if you miss your period, you probably can start feeling happy since you might be pregnant. If there is a delay of a week or more, consulting a physician is highly recommended.

Note: The scenario might be completely different if you have irregular periods or any other physical issues.  

Tingly Nipples or Heavy Breasts : 

This is another sign that is usually not given much attention or due to unawareness. During 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy, you will observe some changes in your breasts. You breasts might feel sore, heavy or itchy combined with bumpy and sensitive nipples. However due to hormonal changes, for some woman it might become painful.

Note: Some can also be able to feel the changes in later days of pregnancy while other in early. So it varies from one woman to another.

More Trips to The Bathroom:

During these days, you will observe more trips to washroom than you did before. The reason for increased urinating is since during pregnancy the blood flow increases, it result in stimulating the kidneys to make fluid eventually making your bladder heavy and need to go to bathroom.

Mood Swings:

This is one of the common characteristics observed during pregnancy. Since the hormonal changes comes into play, it actually results in making you weepy or emotional without any reason.

Food Aversions:

Most of the expecting mothers can experience this change in them. During the childbearing months, your sensory organs becomes active to odors and undergo taste changes. Just like the other symptoms whose prime reason is the hormonal changes, food preferences are also the same.

Breathing Shortness:

During pregnancy, you tend to breathe more than the normal days. Since the fetus require oxygen, it actually leaves you feeling little uncomfortable and shortness of oxygen. This might not only be an early symptom as it can continue till your baby is out of the womb.

Fainting or Dizziness:


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Now this is a common symptom and one of the most frequent symptoms taken in movies to show the girl is pregnant. But in reality, it is the same which happens because of low blood pressure and blood sugar. This is the reason why it is being recommended to keep your tummy filled and hydrated.

The symptoms of pregnancy are many and above are only a few of them. However, this might not be common in every woman due to different body functioning. In case you observe some of them, make sure you rush for a pregnancy test. It will help you to stay assured and take good care of your baby’s health..

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