Egoistic Person
10 Jan

Egoistic Person Ego -Tips To Find Out If You Are A Egoistic Person – AC

Egoistic Person Ego-Tips To Find Out If You Are A Egoistic Person

In our day to day life, we come across some moments when we encounter such people who are arrogant and disrespectful.

1.Such people are like these because either they don’t trust themselves or rather don’t actually want to trust their own self.

2.Such people can’t learn anything from anybody.

3.They are generally discarded by the society and are looked down with hatred.

4.Nobody likes to enter into any kind of conversation with such people.

Ego, which is the mother of arrogance, is the root cause of all the troubles. It’s an arrogant and obsessive sense of ownership. Some people are reluctant to accept the fact that there is a supreme power which drives us from all our odds and comfort us during the troubling times. It’s the ego which carpets the faith, thus making it impossible for one to have a rational thinking. One must leave behind all the arrogance and self praises in order to enjoy a close connection with the almighty. It is said that a tree full of fruits is always stopping where as a tree which is dry will always be straight. So, one must be like that humble tree full of fruits which is always ready to accept all the inputs in a docile manner rather than being like that dry tree who is never willing to bow in front of anybody thus being an idol of arrogance and disrespect.  A good listener can be a good orator. The one who is not at all willing to listen to others can never make even others understand his point of view

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