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How to End a Relationship 21 Signs You’re Ready to End Your Relationship

How to End a Relationship : Relationships are very important as they help you build strong families, friends and one another. In a romantic relationship, there comes a time when you will want to be serious and have an actual relationship involving spending the rest of your lives together. When that goal is not realized, then one starts to ask questions like why not? Before you terminate your relationship, there are things that you first need to take into account. Gain the energy that is necessary to make that decision. Ending a relationship is not easy particularly if you are getting older.  In most cases it does not come as a remedy for happiness, but as a necessity for peace. Check out the list below to help guide you when to end your relationship.

  • There is no longer trust

In any relationship trust is a very important factor.  Losing trust of each other almost certainly ends the relationship. It starts when you begin questioning each other’s motives, reasons, abilities. Check if there is mutual distrust as that means the relationship is crumbling and the foundation is not there anymore.  This normally results in anger, jealousy and possessiveness. Reaching this point there is no coming back and it must end with the termination of the relationship.

  • Change in values

Every person has values dear to them like security, family, freedom among others. Values are good, but when they conflict with your partner’s value that is a sure reason to be concerned. It can be considered early warning of trouble in paradise.  In every relationship there is always a need to compromise, assimilate and negotiate values. When the values are too distinct, different to be reconciled or compromised then the best thing will be ending the relationship.

  • No longer making plans for each other

In the past you used to go for dates, holidays together or attending gallery openings, but things have changed of late.

  • Initial attraction fading

When you have lost the attraction you had initially towards your partner. Rarely smile, cuddle with each other and go out with each other. More so, when you cannot have the same kind of romance you used to enjoy. With absence of romance there is little physical attraction that can be achieved.

  • Giving one another space

When your partner asks you to give them space to analyze your relationship, there is something in the making. This is the first indication of bad things coming. Everyone needs space in any relationship, but when that requested space only creates more division or makes your be apart even more from your partner, it is never a good indication. Consider it a clear warning of possible breakup.

  • Effort not being reciprocated

As much as you might want the relationship to succeed, the effort has to be appreciated and reciprocated partners. In case, only one person is making all the effort, it is not something good to put your faith in. being the only one who gives and gives while your partner never gives but takes, it means you are in the relationship alone. It is probably time to breakup with your partner.

  • Mismatch in beliefs

What your partner believes in is not what you believe in. this creates classes in values and expectation. It is one of the great causes of relationship breakups.  It is important to be realistic and decide whether the impossible or uncomfortable compromises you are making is really best and can it last. If the answer is no, then the best thing is to breakup with your partner.

  • Fading motivation and ambition

In the past you had much ambition and motivation to achieve set goals together. However, things are different now. For instance, you wanted to get a family and make investments then spend a lot of time together. However, none of that has happened all this time or only few have been achieved and there is no plan of realizing the rest. This is a place no one wants to find themselves in as it is a cause for concern. Is the relationship headed the way you had planned?  When all that is not possible then the best decision is to breakup.

  • Dishonesty and deception

Remember, lies have destroyed great relationships. In any relationship trust is very important and that is only created when partners are honest with each other. Lies create dishonesty and destroy stable relationships. Do you feel your partner is dishonest? There are very few things you can take in a dishonest relationship before you realize your patience was all in vain and you should have moved out long time ago.

  • Dependency syndrome and possessiveness

Very few relationships can survive possessiveness, jealousy, controlling behavior and overdependence. This is major indication of lack of emotional foundation.  It is hard to get past that, trying to stay in the relationship is just buying time which is better spend getting a new relationship.

  • Partner not having plans for long-term success

You may find yourself the only one who wants the relationship to last while your partner plans otherwise. A relationship only works if both partners have the same goals on what they want to achieve in their relationship. The moment you realize you do not share a common goal, get out of that relationship.

  • Differing career and financial goals

You may have planned to make certain investment to secure your future, but your partner does not believe in the same investment. This can create a conflict of priorities especially when they propose you make different financial decision which you do not agree with. Consequently, career goals have also lead in difficulties in relationships especially when one partner gets posted far away like in a different country. This creates unusual distance apart which can breed distrust and lack of trust in each other. When you find these scenarios unattainable it is best to breakup.

  • Putting your ambitions on hold

When this is done it creates imbalance that leaves one feeling resentful. In a healthy relationship, equality is very important as it helps you feel valuable to your partner.

  • Living in denial

When you hide your true self from your partner because you feel you do not deserve them. This is something that will not simply go away, and it is best to make a decision early enough and content with the result. Tell the truth and if you are deserted them it was never to be.

  • Timing issues

You might have gotten into the relationship without a plan, however you feel you want to spend your time accomplishing other things before you settle down. This will not go well for you if you try to do both at the same time. A breakup will be ideal and when you are ready you get a partner to pursue relationship goals.

  • Friends make you happy more than your partner

Some people call it conflict of interest, but when this happens it is good to seriously think about it. What may be the reason why you are not comfortable or making great time with your partner? These are problems waiting to happen which are better addressed early.

  • Moodiness

When suddenly become moody to your partner with no reason. Anytime they are a round you do not feel like interacting with them. This is a clear sign of loss of interest in them and a breakup will be ideal.

  • Feelings ofbeing single

You started feeling like you are single even though you have a partner. This is because you do not want to interact with them anymore as they do not make you happy. Their presence abhors you and you long for your single life.

  • Cheating

When your partner cheats on you, it is a disgusting feeling you will experience. The feeling results in loss of trust in them and questioning their commitment in the relationship. They may give excuses and you find out they cheated again, in this case breakup before you get hurt more.

  • Having nothing to talk about

When you have nothing to talk about when you are together. Sometimes its just a small conversation and most of the time you just pass each other like strangers.

  • Lack of interest in sex

In the past you used to make love to each other very often. Nowadays, you rarely have physical intimacy and when you do you feel nothing.

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