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02 Oct

How to express your feelings to the one you love? AmazeCraze

How to express your feelings to the one you love? Falling in love is a very amazing feeling which can be experienced once in lifetime. It is obvious that if you love someone, then expressing the feelings to him/her is also very important. You should not hold back your feelings instead your first aim should be to let them know about the same. Your partner will be glad to know about your feelings. But, if you are not sure about how to proceed with expressing the feelings rightly, t hen, keep on reading this article to explore it. Before proceeding ahead, you need to answer few questions so that your intention is clear and your solution is motto-driven.

Some Beautiful Tips to help you to Express Feelings to Someone Who You Love:

Why do you need to express feelings?


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Express feelings is believed that gestures are clear enough and speak loudly without words. But, still you have to acknowledge your feelings so that your partner is aware about what your feelings are. Often, you stay mum and consider that it is pretty apparent that your lover has understood the feelings you have for him. Well, this is a sheer mistaken notion which might often let you stay back. This is not intended to demoralize you instead, it shows you clear path about how to increase the spark of your love. For instance, if you have not spoken clearly to your partner about love and other feelings you have for him, he might not understand it. Before you go to express feelings to someone you need to know this.

Hence, it is a pivotal point to speak up, take a stand and express feelings to win the heart of your lover. He will realize the intensity of your relationship and it can help him connect with your loving and caring emotions. He would even reserve that space or soft-corner for you in your heart. Even if you are shy, you must use few indirect ways to express your love. Nevertheless, you must always be ready to tell him about the emotional connect you want to share with him. This is a step to help you to express feeling to someone who you love.

How can introverts express their love?


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Introvert people are often quiet when it comes to express what they feel about a person. They might be shy when it comes to express feelings to someone. Most of the times, they are just thinking how to tell, how to express feelings to their lover about the seriousness of their love. Well, in such a case, introvert people can use advanced modes to give an edge to their friends with respect to love. Be it a card, gift or message proposal on social media network, the whole idea is to make it crystal clear to the partner that you are in love. Believe it or not, this is a tried and tested solution which will definitely allow you to impress your lover.

Shyness will ultimately keep you constrained and your feelings might not be expressed. Therefore, the need of an hour is to indirectly propose your lover and tell him that how much you love him. This mode will not be tough because you have to obliquely tell him. You will be pampered by your lover when you propose him in such a way or express feelings to your love.

Proposal should be pleasant:


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Even if you are extrovert, your gestures need to be pleasant and not loud! In other words, you should always remember that your partner has to be pleased while expressing lovingly feelings. This can indeed be done by relying on soft proposals. Impressing him is not the priority, the most essential thing to keep in mind is he should be happy after you express your feelings.

Whenever you go to express feelings to someone you love, in a nutshell, it can be summed up that express your feelings to your lover in a very witty way. You must be innovative, but, not loud! These all steps will help you to express feeling to someone who you love.


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