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20 Oct

First Signs Of Pregnancy What Happens Right Away

As we know that every day somewhere in the world the women get pregnant, somes have signs, while others have delivery.

First signs of pregnancy is not just same in every women, cause every women is different from the other, So no one can say that same symptom of pregnancy in one woman must be in other. “This is really interesting but a complex thing to understand”

Following are few early stages of pregnancy in most women
  • Ray of Tiredness

Ray of tiredness is also the early symptom of pregnancy in which most of the women feel themselves very tired. They didn’t work like that as before pregnancy.

  • Missed Periods

The missed periods are also in the symptoms of pregnancy and need to be screened by doctor

  • Swollen Breast

     Swollen breasts also give the women the feelings of pregnancy.

These are some symptoms that are very minor or you can say not easily understood by her husband etc but judged by her at initial stages of pregnancies.

There are also some symptoms seen in women during their pregnancy that give the idea of being pregnant. These includes

1.    Mood swings
2.    Nausea
3.    Frequent urination

Stages of pregnancy

Now we will discuss few stages of pregnancy that are obvious in most women.

Generally there are 3 main stages of pregnancy; it is divided into three stages, called trimesters, first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester.

  • First trimester:

 Fetal development during thefirst trimesteris the most active. During thefirst trimesterfetal development has new things arriving every day.

The embryo is going in lot of developments in this stage of pregnancy.

  • Second trimester:

              This is an easy stage for most of the women during pregnancy, they feel good for the arrival of new born, In this stage they collect their energy a they can!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Third trimester:

Now we are discussing the most challenging phase of pregnancy in which women are passed through very difficult phase.

The main aspects of this stage is

  1. Challenging of their body structure
  2. Increase in size of breast
  3. Extra weight gain
  4. Abdominal swollen

These are few discussions about stages of pregnancy. We will discuss in detail late.

Early pregnancy symptoms

First signs of pregnancy are difficult to find out all because we have discussed before that every woman is different from another, same like early pregnancy symptoms are somehow links together.

As they are discussed above so here we write few main symptoms during early stage

1.    Vomiting
2.    Frequent urination
3.    Nausea
4.    Mood swings
5.    Headache
6.    Laziness

So we have discussed some early symptoms of pregnancy that ar most common in many women. But again the thing is that its not a law that all of them must have. There are many rare cases in the world that not a single symptom appears in first three months of pregnancy.

Deeper you will study the more you know about the symptoms of pregnancy.

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