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09 Feb

Top 25 Tips How to Fix Your Relationship – AmazeCraze

How to repair a relationship when trust is broken ? Love can be confusing particularly if you do not manage it well. Some view love as a mirage and can be in a relationship, but never truly experience true love. Every new relationship has the potential to grow to something wonderful and spectacular.  However, this can only happen if you know how to tackle differences experienced to avoid breakup or serious disagreements.

Ways to fix a broken relationship
  1. Try and love your partner

The love you have for your partner should be unconditional. It may appear hard to do, but true love and unconditional love will last and overcome any obstacle it encounters. Learn to understand your partner and give them space when they need space. Do not force things on them especially when they are not in the mood to engage with you. Be there for your partner to create a conducive environment of good emotional and physical support. This is vital for any relationship especially for it to last.

  1. Put yourself in their shoes

Before you make a drastic decision on something that has happened, put yourself in your partner’s shoes. This will enable you to see clearly the obstacles and circumstances under which they made the decisions. When it comes to matters of the heart, show respect. Do not ignore your partner as that hurts them more. If you want to know how much, just put yourself in their condition and feel how they feel. Do not be the bad person, making all the bad decisions that hurt your partner. Think first before you make any decision and feel how you believe your partner will feel.

  1. Be less argumentative

Relationship after a fight: Fights in relationships start with arguments. The fights can be ugly at times. However, it is good for partners to be in good understanding to avoid arguments that can break their love. Learn to appreciate one another and be patient with each other.

  1. Love making

Fix a relationship in trouble Sex in a relationship is a very serious factor. As a partner you need to understand that you have to be there for your better half. Do not deny your partner conjugal rights and expect them to be okay with that. Sex more often has resulted in broken relationships. Once you are not able to perform that task, you partner will think you are having someone else or cheating on them.

  1. Communicate

Fix a relationship after cheating:- Communicate with your partner often. Once in awhile get together regularly to discuss different things concerning your relationship. Make them feel loved and appreciated. Complement your partner often to make them feel cherished. Lack of good communication will destroy the relationship and leave you wishing you did it when you still had them.

  1. Giving each other space

Giving your partner space when they ask for it does not mean you are growing apart. It means they need to evaluate some things on their own. Be supportive in that period of doubt or in that troubling time. Always show interest to help them overcome whatever it is they are going through and they will certainly let you in.
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  1. Do not take them for granted

Learn to listen and respect your partner without undermining them. When you do not respect them and continually dismiss them or their input, it is a recipe for arguments and eventually breakup of the relationship.

  1. Do not lie too much

A little lie is healthy to the relationship. However, do not make it a routine to lie to them about everything. There are some necessary lies you can tell, like when you have planned a surprise gift or date.

  1. Give positive criticism

Always give positive criticism to build your relationship without making your partner feel insignificant or less important. Fix my relationship with my girlfriend or boyfriend Do not undermine your partner with your criticism. Ensure you let them know you meant well for them and not to hurt them with your criticism.

  1. Be their shoulder to lean on

Tough times will always come and go in any relationship, be ready. However, be there to lend a hand and a shoulder for them to lean on and cry on. Comfort them when that time comes. Do not reject them or belittle them in their worst time. In every relationship there are times when a partner will need shoulder to lean on so being there for yours will make a lot of difference.

  1. Avoid public disagreements

Do not quarrel each other in public in front of your neighbors, kids and friends. It demeans your relationship and makes you the center of discussion which is not healthy for anyone. Learn to address your disagreements in private and listen to each other. Agree to solve it peacefully. When in public use the public display of affection to promote your love and show a united front.

  1. Ways to fix a broken relationship

Once in a while set a date just for the two of you. This can be during your anniversary, special events or any other way you decide. Couples should never stop dating for whatever reasonGo to the movies together and have fun together.

  1. Be sexy

It is good to always look sexy to your partner. This will increase your attraction of each other. This also keeps them glued to you without having second thoughts. Do not be shabby because you have found your love. Be neat, tidy and well kept for your partner always.

  1. Complement your partner

Make it a habit to complement them for something they did well. Complement them with good words when they wake up in the morning. This is the best way of thanking someone for all their efforts towards your relationship no matter how small.

  1. Celebrate special days together

Anniversaries ought to be celebrated together and birthdays. These are things that create lasting memories that you will grow to appreciate and cherish.

  1. Always a make your partner feel great

Never make your partner feel bad in the relationship. This can drive them away and feel not loved. Watch the jokes you crack about your partner, let them not be negatives that affect them and make them feel sad. This will leave lasting scars on them which eventually will hurt the relationship.

  1. Learn to forgive

Do not hold grudges for wrongs done to you by your partner. Always learn to let bygones be bygones. Forgiveness strengthens love and makes your partner feel like you are human and they will be regretting having put you in that kind of condition. In the process the love will grow stronger.

  1. Respect your partner

Always respect your partner and their decision. When not in agreement engage in constructive discussion to come to an understanding. Respect your partner’s career and do not demean it no matter how low paying it is. The best you can do is being supportive. If it is a business give them ideas that will help them grow.

  1. Avoid too much jealousy

Everyone is liable to have crushes. This does not mean that they have given in to someone else. Learn to give them a benefit of doubt. It is better to address your suspicions with them rather than drawing conclusions.

  1. Trust your partner

Learn to trust your partners no matter what other people are saying. It is better to confront your partner peacefully and respectfully to know the state of things, than drawing conclusions on rumors. Rumors spread by haters have ruined many relationships, do not let yours be ruined too when they may be unfounded rumors.  Get to know their side of the story.

  1. Avoid gossiping about your partner

Do not talk about your partner to other people in bad light. This will help drive divisions between the two of you. Instead it’s better to talk about anything else but leave your partner out of any discussion unless it is to complement them.

  1. Spend quality time with your partner

You are partners for a reason and will not make sense if you never sit down together. Learn to appreciate one another. Discuss things that matters.

  1. Be like children sometimes

 Play games with each other. This is a good way to bond and make your love stronger. Have pillow fights, wrestle with each other or do role playing among many other things. This helps you enjoy your relationship.

  1. Have spontaneous affections

Do not always wait for special occasions to express your love.  Surprise your partner once in a while. Send them flowers at the office with a love message or love letter to make them feel appreciate.

  1. Learn from your failures and successes

Every relationship is not the same. Learn from your own failures and create successes. The things that succeeded complement them or improve on them.
These are very simple ways of fixing any relationship or repair a relationship after a breakup. They will make a big difference and avoid a catastrophe in your love.

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