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How to Get a Girlfriend?

Some people are happy single, but let’s face it, life is better with someone else. Thinking about how to get a girlfriend can be daunting but it is just a matter of going out there and giving it a go.

What do I want?

The first thing to think about is what kind of a girl are you looking for and what values should you share.If you couldn’t imagine waking up at 6am and going for a run, don’t go for that crazy athlete next door. Keep in mind that when you get a girlfriend, in the long term,lifestyle choices really do matter.Nevertheless, don’t fall into the trap ofconcentrating only on external features. Trust me, you will end up looking forever. Attraction is important in a relationship but you will pretty quickly find that personality becomes a big part of that attraction.

Look good

Look good

The second thing to think about isyourappearance. When you get a girlfriend,personality plays a big part, but when you’re out there looking for someone the age old rule still applies: first impressions count. Whether you’re in a bar, at the supermarket or just at a relative’s birthday party, people are more likely to approach you and stay in your company if you have washed your hair, put smart clothes on and you smell good. It might seem obvious but hygiene, a healthy look and a fresh shirt do make a difference.  This said, don’t get carried away and change the way you dress. Whatever your style, there will be a girl out there who will share that taste. Just change out of that 10-year-old t-shirt!


Get a Girlfriend be

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If you want to get a girlfriend your number one weapon will be confidence. This means being happy with who you are and not being put off by rejection. When chatting to a girl, the most important thing is to be yourself. End of the day she will always find out the real you, so why play games? Just go for it. Don’t be afraid to approach as many people as possible and don’t take it personally if they turn you down.

Where to find one?

People often think that the best places toget a girlfriend are bars or clubs. These, however, aredefinitely not the best places to start. It is hard to get to know someone in that hectic atmosphere especially when you are competing with a number of guys looking for a one-night stand. In reality, most partners meet each other through their friends, so go out there and network: join parties and meet friends of friends.If you’re not naturally good at starting conversations, make an excuse. Maybe you are looking for someone, maybe you have heard about the book she is reading, maybe “she looked familiar”. Whatever it is, try it, really listen to her and show interests in what she has to say. People always tend to like others that find them interesting.


Woman with mobile phone Affairs and cheating

Woman with mobile phone Affairs and cheating

Make sure that you start flirting as soon as possible. The number one reason guys get friendzoned is simply because they keep acting like friends. Girls want a man, not a friend, so get in there! To get a girlfriend you need to make your intentions clear.



Once you then have a connection with someone it is time to ask her for a date. It is important to make it clear that you are actually asking her for a date and not just making somevague suggestions.Instead of: “Do you want to hang out on Friday?” go for: “I’d like to take you out for a meal on Friday night”. At the date itself remember to be a gentleman but also be yourself and show her what you like to do; common interests generate conversation and bonds. Finally, to seal the deal and get a girlfriendat the end of it,make sure you contact her the next day after the date. Forget the ancient rules of waiting for 3 days, if you want to text her – text her. She will like the attention and will be happy to know you are thinking of her.

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