Effects of global warming
29 Dec

Effects of Global Warming Next Threat Which Can End The Existence Of Many Species – AC

Effects of global warming next threat which can end the existence of many species

Effects of global warming : Global warming is the observed century scale rise in the average temperature of earth’s climate system. There has been a very fast change in the climatic conditions which have not at all given any time for the plants and the animals to cope up with the changing environment.  Many species are in a big trouble because of these changes. Some of them can now be just seen as pictures in the encyclopedias or can be found just on the internet.

According to the scientists, there is no doubt that we may come across the extinction of many valuable species. Even before the extinction, there will be a lot of impact which will not be reversible. Also, globally Effects of global warming 30% of the earth’s species could disappear if the temperature rise 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 70%, if there is a rise of 6.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is a positive effect that global warming will turn the planet a bit greener by spurring plant growth but the crops and forests may wilt beyond mid century if the temperature keeps on raising in such a pace. Moreover, if there is a rise in temperature, this will lead to the melting of the glaciers and the ice cap thus leading to the flooding of rivers and even rise in the sea level. It is said that if there is a rise of even 1% of the water level in the seas and the oceans, most of the area surrounded by these water bodies will be submerged under the water thus destroying the living beings and creating a havoc all over the world.


Causes of Global Warming

1) Cutting of Forest : Large number of cutting of forest is also causes of Global Warming

2) Industries : Large number of Industries also causes of Global Warming

3) Vehicles : We all have the Vehicles some people have more then two or three Vehicles and Vehicles are runing day and night this also causes of Global warming

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