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What Is Global Warming Global Warming, Myths You Believe That Are Not True At All – AC

What is global warming Myths

It is easy to believe “facts” based on what we see on the internet nowadays and what we hear from our friends and families. Although every person’s experience is different, it is common for us to decide to completely refrain from eating something or making something else a habit just because one of your buddies told us how much it helped them.

Here are the top few myths about Global warming that people often believe which have no truth to them at all, unbeknownst to them.

1. Monosodium glutamateis bad for you

Monosodium glutamate, also known as MSG, is often said to be bad for you and you’ll find that almost anything that you love to eat – chips, fries, tacos etc has this wretched Monosodium glutamatei that makes all the healthy eaters give you a judgemental glare. Doctors and nutritionists often discourage individuals from consuming food with any traces of Monosodium glutamatei and furthermore, they encourage them to completely cut Monosodium glutamatei from their lives and food intake stating that it has an addictive that “compels you” to come back for more. However, this is only true to people who may be sensitive to processed foods or people who have previously been on a strictly limiting diet such as being vegan, kosher, jain or following an organic only or gluten free diet. The sudden switch to regular food shocks your body and Monosodium glutamatei may be a lot to take in for such individuals. However, for the regular majority, Monosodium glutamatei is not something that is necessarily bad for you , given that it is consumed in small amounts and is not a large portion of your overall diet.

2. Gluten Free Diets are healthier

Speaking of strict diets, individuals who follow such diets are usually ones who have allergies to certain constituents but in more recent times, strict and limited diets have become more prominent especially because hey have turned into a trend and also because it is commonly believed that they have better health benefits. However, gluten free diets are hardly healthier for you if you’re not someone who is allergic to gluten products or suffer an effect from consuming it. Every person who does not have any such condition is able to break down gluten without any problems. In fact, giving up glutens may bar you from receiving the supplements and minerals which are necessary for a healthy body so unless you’re particularly allergic to it or advised by a healthcare professional that it is detrimental to your health, it may not be wise to shun gluten completely.

3. The Five Second Rule

Global warming Often, when food ends up on the ground, the five second rule is cited to pick up that delicious piece of food and put it in your mouth, the belie being that it takes at least 5 seconds for the bacteria on the floor to attack the food you’ve dropped. I hate to burst your bubble but the 5 second rule may not be doing you any favours. Research suggests that bacteria on any surface do not need any time at all to attack another particle and even the slightest contact, regardless of how small, allows a particle to be susceptible to bacteria. Leave that doughnut on the floor and get a new one and teach your kids to do the same.

Now that you know, spread the word and share this with all your friends so that you’re less ignorant and more informed about your health!

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