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04 Dec

Why go for low calorie snacks

Snacks can have a great impact on your health. This is because a large portion of your diet is made up of snacks. Taking high calorie snacks can lead to unnecessary weight gain and other health complications. However, healthy snacks ( low calorie ) can be of great benefit to your health. The following are reasons why you should go for low calorie snacks.

(a) Increase intake of nutrients

Snacks help improve the quality of your diet.Nutrient-dense foods will help you meet required intake levels of food group servings and nutrients. Majority of people take less fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seafood and dairy products than they are supposed to. Snacks like cut vegetables with yoghurt and fresh fruit with oatmeal will help them cover the deficit.

(b) They sustain energy levels

After taking a meal, your blood sugar level rises and then falls. Low blood sugar level can make you feel low or tired. Taking  healthy snacks can help prevent your blood sugar level from falling too much in between meals. Sugary snacks usually lead to high blood sugar level whereas healthy snacks promote more energy and sustained blood sugar levels. Snacks high in fiber and protein like carrots with bean dip are digested slowly hence do not fluctuate your blood sugar level too much.

(c) Faster recovery after intense work out

Taking healthy snacks after an intense workout e.g. at the gym can help you recover lost energy. They can also speed up the process of muscle recovery. Some carbohydrates and a small portion of proteins are good snacks to take after an intense workout. For best results, eat proteins and carbohydrates within a range of 15-30 minutes after finishing your exercise. Banana with yoghurt and peanut butter on toast are good examples of snacks that promote recovery along with providing essential nutrients.

By eating healthy snacks, your possibility of eating junk foods reduces. Low calorie snacks should be readily available especially when you are hungry. Cut vegetables and whole fruits are some good examples of healthy snacks that should be readily available. However, it is important to note that taking healthy snacks in excess can lead to weight gain. Hence, it is important to check your proportions.

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