27 Signs That He Loves You
14 Mar

27 Signs That He Loves You Even If He Doesn’t Say It Out Loud

It is a common notion out there that men are very difficult to read and it will be very hard for you to know whether he has feelings for a woman or not. He may be your classmate, co-worker or any other male figure that expressed some interest in you and you decided to give it a try. However you don't know if he loves you or he is just treating you like any other girl out there.

The worst thing that you want to do is to ask him directly about his feelings or run after his friends asking for their opinions about the two of you. It doesn't have  to be that complex

Here are the 27 signs that he loves you

1. He asks you out

This is the most obvious sign that he loves you. By asking you out, he shows that he values you and would like to spend his valuable time with you. Taking you out frequently means that he loves your company.

2. Maintans a direct eye contact

Eyes don't lie and they can be used to show a guy's feelings towards you. If he always maintains a direct eye contact with you, then it is a good sign that he is into you.

3. Is touchy

A guy who loves you will always find  flimsy excuse to touch you  especially when the two of you are sitting close to each other. He  knows that physical contact is one way of expressing his feelings and he won't hesitate to use this tactic.

4. Leans towards you

Does the guy always leans towards you when you are close to each other? If so, be sure that he loves you. If the two of you are having a conversation, he will try to lean closer  pretending that he wants to hear you clearly even when you are loud enough. Take note of this cue.

5. Plays the detective

He is that detective who wants to obtain a confession from a hard core criminal. Keeps asking you many questions even when most of these questions seem to be irrelevant. It may be a sign that he wants t know you more or he simply wants to keep the conversation going.

6. He says it

Some guys will be bold enough to say "I like you".  This sign is quite complex as it can catch you off guard when you least expected it or you don't know the reason that made him to say it. Check on the tone and the situation under which the words were said, maybe he just wants to get laid.

7. He comes up to you

This is another obvious sign that the guy loves you. If he doesn't take you out, he will make some efforts to come up to you. He will make it look like a coincidence that you always bump into each other in a library or in a club yet the reality is he followed your trails.

8. Nervous around you

In some cases, the guy will look nervous when around you  fearing not to mess up or do something sinister that can annoy you. This is because he loves you!

9. Strategically ignores you

A guy who loves you will strategically ignore you. He  will not come to be with you when you are sorrounded by a bunch of other guys even if he is just some steps away and the two of have locked eyes.  He will pretend that he has not seen you and will act cool  trying to show that he does not care about you.

10. Acts different when you are aroud

Try to observe his behaviour when he is with his friends or when your are with your girlfriends and he is also there. Does he seem to be shy, nervous or does he try to play cool and  act funny? He is trying to create a good impression and this may be a sign that he loves you.

11. The jealous game

This is one sign that needs to be handled with extra caution.  The guy may try to maake you jealous by  openly flirting with other girls and he does not hide anything about it. He will let you know about it. It is a sign that he loves you and wants to gauge your feelings.

12. Shows interests in your hobbies

He slowly starts developing some interests in the things that you do even when he was not into  them some times back. This could be a sign that he loves you and wants to get closer to you.

13. Always smiling when around you

You have ignited that spark inside his body that will make him to be always smiling especially when around you. His immense love on you cannot be hidden.

14.  Quickly looks away when your eyes lock

When you notice that the guy has been watching you for some minutes, he will quickly look away feeling somehow embarassed. This could be a sign that he loves you.

15. Follows you on social media

 In this era of social media, a guy will try to express his undying love for you by following you on different social media platforms. He will always like and comment positive things about everything that you post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

16. Is jealous when you flirt

 Guys can also be emotional and if he loves you, he will not hesitate to show his frustrations when you flirt with other 'hotter' guys. If he tells you about it or he gets angry, know that he is into you.

17. Defends you

A guy who loves you will always defend you from being attacked by other people.  He will not stand there and watch people abuse  you either physically or verbally. He will always be on your side and use all the means to defend you.

18. Constant communication

He is always in touch with you through different channels of communication. You will be receiving  phone calls and text messages from him even if he has nothing important to talk about.

19. Compliments your looks

He does not miss anything good to say about your physical appearance, even when you are in rags. He will always find something good to say about your outfit, perfume and make up. This ia one sign that he loves you.

20. Supports your career

If the guy supports and urges you on your career, know that he loves you amd wants to see you prosper. He will throw a party to celebrate your promotion or to celebrate that business deal that you have just inked.

21. Showers you with special gifts

While in the office performing normal duties, he surprises you with a bouquet of rose flowers or a bar of chocolate. He showers you with gifts during special occasions such as your birthday and you will feel elated. He is doing this because he loves you.

22.  He introduces you to his friends

A man who is serious with his girlfriend will not shy away from introducing her to his buddies. He will introduce you with a some lovely titles rather than your formal name. He does this to show that he loves and adores you.

23. Calls you by pet names

He will dump your official name and go for pet names which will leave you flattered. If you see him calling you pretty names such as 'honey'  'sweet', 'bae'  and many others, know that he has special feelings for you.

24. Always agrees

He says yes to everything that you suggest even when some of them seem to go against his opinions or wish. He is doing this to avoid getting into a heated argument with you. He does not want to see you getting angry  and will be always on your side. Have you started noticing that you are always on the same page with him? It is because he likes you.

25. He remembers your special days

He will remember to wish you well on your birth day and in addition to that,  he will bring a gift when you least expected. He will congratulate you on your graduation even when you had not informed him. He knows that such little things matter to you.

26. Keeps all the gadgets away

When you are with him, he will try to give you all the attention that you deserve. He will put his phone away, switch off the TV or stop playing video game. All the distractions are kept away so that you are the center of the attraction.

27. Is never in a hurry

When out on a date or even a random meeting, he does not bother to look at the clock. maybe he told you that he is rushing to a meeting but he no longer seems to be in a hurry. All he wants is to be with you for hours without being limited by time.  This is a sign that he loves you and your company is the only thing that matters.

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