How to Hide Friends on Facebook

In Nowadays, Everyone knows Facebook. Facebook is a well popular and Largest social media website There is a lots of advantages of Facebook like you can search your friends near you, Also you can connect easily then chatting, messages and many more. but the main disadvantage is people can search your friend list very easily through your account and thus it cause some serious problem in your friend or your circle that’s reason we created this article based on “How to hide friend list on Facebook”.

Generally people use Smartphones & Laptop/PC, So we have a basically two option :

Option A: How to hide friend list on Facebook – In your smartphones :  

Facebook mobile App does not have feature of hiding friends list but we gonna do that by using Google Chrome.

1. First of all, login to your Facebook account from Google Chrome.

2. Now go to your profile and click on “Friends” option.

3. Then you can see a Public icon just click on it.

4. A popup will appear and choose “more” option.

5. Now it will show your four options, choose anyone of your choice.

6. That’s it you are done. You have successfully hide your Friend list from strangers.

Option B: How to hide friend list on Facebook – In your Laptop/PC:

1. Open your web browser and open

2. Now open your profile and click on “Friends’ option.

3. Then click on small pencil icon which is located at top right corner of friend tab.

4. Now click on “Edit Privacy” and a popup will appear.

5. Then you can see three public option, click on first one.

6. It will show you a 4 options, Public, friends, only me and custom. Choose anyone according to your need.

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