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Yes, You Are A Gay! Say it Loud – AC


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“Love”- The only feelings that bind us together. Love has no forms or no boundaries, it can be parent’s love for their children and the opposite, it can be siblings love, it can be spouse’s love for each other or it can be a gay love. Obviously, “Gay Love” did give you a stop. Maybe you believe or is strongly against it, but this is another form of love. No one is born gay or lesbian, but it is their personality or immense attraction towards the same gender that makes them address by some biased people a gay or a lesbian.

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What the bible says about gays: 

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Many states that what the bible says about gays is “Homosexuality is forbidden by God”, which is completely wrong. During the biblical time, the term “Homosexuality” or sexual orientation was not emphasized or understood. HomosexualityImage Source

Man’s love for another man and woman’s love for another woman is not linked to anything, it is their inner feelings that gets enlighten when they find a soul mate who comprehends their urge or needs.

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Talking about the Bible verses about gays, there are passages that convey messages to stop idolatry, violence and exploitation, not the nature of behavior. There are also references that shows condemning same things to the different genders sexual behavior. Even when it is being referred, no one actually puts light on it, as it is for the opposite genders.

In the Greek or Hebrew, there is no word like “Homosexuality” or “Homosexual” as these terms were being invented in the late 19th century when the psychotherapists started discovering the huge diversity in human personality where homosexuality plays a huge role. This is the reason why, authors of the Bible neither had the language or understanding about it.

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Human is a wonderful creation of God and so as their response towards their love. If you think, why are people gay or lesbian, the answer would be, it is their personality that gets them attracted towards the same gender. “Sexuality” is more than just a genital behavior, since it is a creation of God. This is pure form of expressing our love for our partner irrespective of same or different gender. More than words, our body express love for our partner, which definitely involve genital behavior. Sexual love is a form that enhance the intimacy by receiving and giving pleasure to the partner, which again strengthens the bond.

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People no longer need answers regarding what is gay and what makes them a gay, as they are a part of the society now. lesbianImage Source

Judging someone who is a gay or a lesbian is definitely unethical as it is just that they are more comfortable with the person with whom they are in a relationship.

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Now if you talk about Marriage, in the Bible it is written “men were in control and women were subject to them”. Is it really true in 21st century? Definitely not, no longer women consider them inferior to men as women play equal major role in a marriage. HomosexualityImage Source

Marriage is all about love, respect, commitment and the extreme urge of being together. What the bible says about gaysImage Source

It matters whom you want to be with, rather than you have to do it for the society. If a man finds another man and woman finds another woman the best partner to spend their entire life, nothing can be precious than that. Treasure it, respect it but don’t judge it.

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So harvest your relationship and embrace human’s diverse personality.

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