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05 Sep

How can you tell if a guy likes you – AC

How can you tell if a guy likes you There are large number of questions in your mind like how to know if a shy guy likes you, signs a guy likes you more than a friend, how to know if a guy likes you in school, how to tell if a guy likes you at work, how to know if a guy likes you quiz, how to know if a guy likes you through texts, how to know if a guy likes you body language, how to know if a guy likes you in middle school How can you tell if a guy likes you without getting any direct proposal ? So you like a guy and you want to know whether he also likes you or not. Or you just found the guy flirting with you and want to know whether he is really interested in you or he was just bored.

Here it doesn't matter why you want to know, maybe you want to know this for your friends.

The important question here is - how can you tell if a guy likes you?

1. Watch His Body Language When He is Around You

If you carefully watch his body language, you will exactly know where you belong in his life. Every behaves in a different way in front of the person he respects like his parents, the person he trusts like his friends and the person he admires like his crush.

It is a bit tricky to find from his body language when compared with the body language of girls as guys are less expressive. Here the girl must look for what kind of reactions she really want to notice.

You must check out whether he stares at you a lot of times even when he is talking with someone else.

If he is making a lot of eye contact with you and staring at your face or positioning close to you and leaning towards you, it is a major sign.

But, how can you tell if a guy likes you subconsciously? Notice his legs, feet, and hands. If he has angled his legs or hands towards you, then you can find out exactly what he wants.

Most guys straighten their tie, smooth down their hair and fix their shirt whenever they are in front of their crush. The obvious reason is – he wants to look attractive and nice in front of you.

Notice his sitting position as well. Guys who put their hands on their hips or sit with open legs are trying impress the girl they are talking to or interested in.

2. Check whether he makes lots of eye contact

Most guys will stare at you secretly when they think you will not notice them. So, if you know he is staring at you, turn and look back at him, if he looks away, that is a good sign. And if he doesn't look away and keeps his eye contact it means he is more confident and assured guy.

But how can you tell if he likes you just by eye contact? Check whether he is attracted towards you by the following trick:

Look at his face for 4 seconds and then look away. And then look back at him, if this guy holds the contact or stares in your mouth, he is really attracted. But if he looks away and breaks the eye contact, then probably he is not into you. But if he looks away just to look back at you again, then he is definitely interested in you. But here don't confuse a shy guy with a disinterested one. If he is shy, then he will keep looking at you whenever he gets a chance.

Suppose you are in a group and he cracks a joke, even if everyone else is laughing he checks whether you are laughing too on his joke – this is a sign he wants to impress you.

3. Carefully Listen When The Guy is Talking With You

Guys usually talk about themselves when they are in front of the person they like. Watch his behavior when you say something, if he is leaning towards you then that's great.

4. Check His Behavior When You Make Body Contact

Check his reaction when he touches you or you touch him. If find excuses to touch your hand or brush your leg or hugs you for no big reason, it is a major sign.

5. Watch If He Treats You Differently

Guys behave differently with the person they like even when they are in a group with mutual friends. Watch if he protects you or sits beside you in a group setting, it is a sign that he cares for you and want to be around you.

Is he flirting with other girls, just to make you jealous? Try taking an excuse from the group and return back to see if he continues or he stopped it as soon as you left.

6. Is he Finding Interest in Similar things You Like

Suppose you told him you like a song, a singer, a film or a hobby. Is he adding things like "Me too" or "I like doing same?" He might subconsciously start liking things you like or watch. It is a major sign he is interested in you.

7. Is He Nervous Around You

You can hear his nervous laugh or see him taking deep breaths when you are near him. This one is a strong sign. But, it usually happens when you are not close friends.

If he nervous around you and not someone is known as lady Hitler then he is differently attracted towards you.

8. Watch His Friends Reactions In Front Of You

Most guys won't share their feeling directly with you but share it with his close friends. Watch if his friends start making jokes and fun of him or they smile whenever they look at you around him. Listen carefully when anyone of his friends ever informs you that he has feelings for you.

9. Is he Subconsciously or Intentionally copying you

Guys intentionally and unintentionally start copying the actions they notice. For instance, you have changed your Facebook DP recently with a certain standing pose and within a week his profile picture changed into something similar. It is a big sign.

10. Watch If He Teases You

Suppose you were with your friends and one of your friends told him about a certain weird behavior or act of your and he started teasing you in a flirty way like always. But check out if he flirts, in the same way, with other girls as well. If not, it is a major sign.

11. Check If he notices your new look

Your new look can be anything from changing the way dress to changing the way you tie your hair. If he notices the small changes which are rarely visible to other guys who are not interested in you, then it is a major sign.

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