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25 Feb

How to Attract Women Amazing tips by Amaze Craze

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If tough has to be given a synonym then woman is the one. If strong has to be given a synonym then woman is the one. So all in all, a woman is mysterious yet powerful entity which is complete in herself. But, there is someone who is incomplete without a woman, yes guessed it right- the man. Therefore, when it comes to completing himself, he needs a woman and there starts the journey of attracting her.

Tough? Of course, it is and one needs to be full of all tactics because attracting a woman is no less than winning a WORLD WAR-III.

Though, do not be sad as here come TOP-5 ways by which you can attract a woman to complete you. There you go.

Tip 1: How to attract women First impression ression is the last impression to attract women

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Yeah, heard me right- very old proverb but a successful one!So, if you successfully completed this one, then you are one step ahead of what you aspire. Also, if you try making your first impression to work, then make sure you know where you are hitting and what angle you need to hit the target. Therefore, judge the vibes and then hit hard. If gone all right, you are 50% the man of her dream. This tactic includes the proper way of how you dress, how you approach, your public presentation, your smile and your physique.

Tip 2: How to attract women Be confident and keep your chip up

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Woman always likes a man who has a good level of confidence. Therefore, keep your confident level at par and always chin high. Be a happy and a prosperous man because it tells that how you are going to the woman. Be masculine, be a man!

Tip 3: How to attract women Have beard- Beard will make you look a sensible man

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My personal verdict, the man looks sexy with stubble. It goes with 90% of the women, which means, it can even go with the one you are approaching. Therefore, at-least keep some. Now, this does not mean having it 10 cm long, but yeah at-least 1-2 cm. Trim it in every 10 days. Though if you do not believe the fact then learn something about human behaviour and evolution.

Tip 4: How to attract women Beauty sleep will let you wake up fresh

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To some masculine brains, it may sound offensive, but it is true. As much as a woman needs the beauty sleep, you too! Therefore, let yourself sleep deprived, if you want to look fresh. Sleep little early in the night of the next day, when you have your first meeting planned with the lady of your dreams.

Tip 5: Never show it all

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Women are more attracted to those, who sound less desperate. It is like the cop-con game where every move is hidden and thus interesting. Therefore, never reveal in one go that you are mad about her and need her badly in your life. Here, with this final step- you will do checkmate. The queen will be in your court. All the best.

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