Avoid Pregnancy Best Tips
01 May

How to Avoid Pregnancy Best Tips

Pregnancy is a major life changer for young couples. Therefore it should be planned. Think of it as a person if you are not ready emotionally, financially and physically then best avoid it until you are ready so how to prevent pregnancy at home or how to prevent pregnancy after 1 week

Below are tips you can use to prevent pregnancy

Don’t have unprotected sex

Prevent pregnancy naturally Unprotected sex is a sure way to get pregnant. This is because sperms will enter your vagina and meet with the egg resulting in conception. Don’t do it if you are not protected. It does not matter how stimulated or strong the urge is, doing it has consequences.

Use birth control pills

Avoid pregnancy after marriage This is regarded as one of the best precautions to avoiding pregnancy.  Do not miss your daily contraceptive pill. Irregular contraception reduces effectiveness of the pills. Stay healthy always because viral fever can affect its efficiency too.

Use condoms

Condoms are designed to prevent pregnancy by stopping the sperm from getting in your vagina which can meet with the ovum causing conception.  Handle used condoms carefully without taking the hand in contact with the sperm back into your vagina.  There are two types of condoms available – the female condom and the male condom. The choice is yours.

Don’t have unprotected sex during your periods avoid pregnancy after missing period

It is unadvisable because there is a probability of pregnancy occurring.  Don not ascribe to the withdrawal method during sex. All it takes is a drop of the sperm and you have a pregnancy problem. Do not leave the penis inside your vagina post ejaculation. This is because the condom tends to come off and that can cause the sperm in it to get to your vagina.

Emergency contraceptives

This is commonly referred to as morning after pills. If the latex condom spilt when having sex, pregnancy can occur. Think of it as having unprotected sex because that is how it is viewed.   The pill eliminates any sperms for the past 72 hours. There is also the 12 hours pill that can also be consumed.

Using implants

They are matchstick size devices placed under the skin of upper arm. These implants release contraceptive steroid levonorgestrel which prevents pregnancy. It’s effective for 3 – 5 years. However, they can bring side effects like weight gain, bone mass loss, changes in menstrual cycle and breast tenderness.

Intra Uterine Device (IUD)

It is inserted in the uterus to prevent the egg from meeting the sperm. Its effectiveness is between 5 to 10 years. It’s inserted by a doctor and its hassle free. Some side effects experienced include cramping and abnormal bleeding. However, this happens before and after insertion only.

Use Depo- Provera

This birth control method has a hormone that is similar to progesterone. It’s given as an injection to the buttock or arm which provides protection for 3 months. It has an efficiency of 99% and prevents the menstrual cycle.


This is the surest way of not getting pregnant. However, it is the one method few people ascribe to because it means forgoing sexual pleasure. That might not be entirely true.  There are other forms of sexual pleasure you can get like kissing, caressing, fondling, and cuddling. The one thing that you should not do is penetrative sex.

Other will simply prefer to explore caressing, fondling, cuddling, kissing and their penetration is anal sex. Use these tips well and you will not worry about getting pregnant.  They allow you to choose when you are ready for pregnancy then you get off them.

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