How to Be a Perfect Girl
01 Aug

How to Be a Perfect Girl

Being a perfect girl sounds impossible but it is achievable. You can be the best girl and lead a happy perfect life that you have been dreaming about since you were a little kid. Everything around you will always look perfect, whether you are in a happy or sad situation. Everyone will wish to be associated with you. Here are the best tips of how to be a perfect girl.

1. Good hygiene

To a girl maintaining basic hygiene is not an option, it is something that you must do. Always strive to clean yourself so as to look appealing. Maintaining good hygiene doesn't involve complex activities, you only need to add a number of simple activities into your daily routine. Some practices that can help you to achieve good hygiene inlude the following:

  • Taking shower atleast once a day.
  • Brushing your teeth.
  • Using deodrant.
  • Maintaining your nails.

2. Dress well

Compliment your perfect hygiene by dressing well and to the occasion. Dressing nicely will not only make you look  attractive but will also boost your confidence level. Buy nice outfits for different occasions and for different weather patterns. This wil make you to look classy and elegant. Buy what you like rather than what is trending as some trending fashion may look perfect on one person and be a mess on another person.

3. Use makeup

It is not a must for one to apply makeup but the impact that it can have on your face cannot be ignored. If used well, makeup can enhance your beauty elevating your status from being the average girl to a classy and sophisticated girl in the hood. Don't wear too much of it but instead just apply enough of it so that you get the best out of it.

4. Skincare

Your skin is your treasure so you should keep it glowing. A healthy radiant skin will make you shine and look vibrant. You don't have to use tonnes of makeup so as to make your skin glow, you only need to follow these simple tips.

  • protect the skin from sunburn.
  • Use lotions to keep the skin moisturised.
  • regularly use a cleanser to cleanse the skin.
  • Use recommended treatments to deal with pimples.

5. Be confident

Nothings feels good as being around a confident girl. This is a girl who know and believes in herself and always maaintains a positive attitude. Keep your head high, your neck straight and walk  with confidence in the room. Be full of positivity, zeal and optisim while speaking to other people.

6. Reveal your smile

Don't hide that smile from other people,  use it to lighten the world. once in a while reveal your smile when interacting with other people or even when you are just alone reading a book. Smiling makes lightens up your mood and even the mood in the room.

7. Smell good

After maintaining a good hygiene, go a step further by ensuring that you smell good. Using perfumes, scented soaps and moisturisers can help you to achieve this with much ease. You can enhance this by sticking to specific products which will then earn you that signature smell which will always announce your presence once you are around.

8. Be thankful

 Always apprecciate everything and everyone around especially when something good has been done to you. Rather than complaining about different people or about  different situations, take the slightest opponunity to appreciate their current situation. While in a restaurant, thank the waiter for the services that you have received.

9. Have a good hairstyle

 A good hairstyle is what defines a perfect girl, performing well in this area will bring you closer towards becoming a perfect and  elegant girl. Good news is that you don't have to break the bank so as to  have a good hairstsyle. Simple tip such as brushing and combing your hair will keep you shinning.

10. Pursue education

In whatever field that you have decided to pursue, gather as much knowledge as possible. Go to school and get good grades which will help you in your career. Don't be derailed by less important activities in place of your education. Be and expert in your fied and this will earn you respect from other people.

11. Be keen on general knowledge

Apart from being knowledgeble in your area of expertise try to be keen on general knowledge and current affairs. Watch news, read books and always be updated about the latest trends. This knowledge will enable you to hold intelligent conversations with other people without feeling out of place.

 12. Be polite and respectful

Regardless of how much you have achieved in your career or in general life, always be polite and respectful to other people. Don't speak ill of other people neither should you use curse words even when you are angry or things are not going as you expected. Handle issues with maturity and try to make sound judgements without involving emotions.

13. Have hobbies and interests

Work without play will turn you into a very boring girl. Resist attempts to fall into this trap by maintaining your hobbies and  interests. be keen on your hobbies whether it is reading, singing, dancing, being involved in sports or any other activity that you can do to distract yourself from your daily lifestyle.

14. Be assertive on your decisions

Sometimes you may be easily swayed to do things that you never intended to do. Peer pressure is one thing that affect many girls and most of the times it leads to destruction. Try to be assertive and stick to your decision especially when you are not sure of something.

15. Stay healthy

Live a healthy lifestyle by avoiding things which will have negative impact on your health. Avoid eating junks and other types of food which will make you gain lots of weight. Stay away from drugs as they are bound to cause you more harm than good. You body is too precious to fill it with dangerous foreign objects.

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