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What foods make you gain weight How to become fat and best foods that help you gain weight

Most of the people search on internet How to get six pack abs, How to Lose Belly but no one search how to become fat in a week, how to become fat in a week naturally, how to become fat from thin, how to become fat naturally, how to become fat quickly, how to become fat in one month, how to gain weight, how to become fat in a month very less yes very less people search about how to become fat so today i will guide you how to become fat and best food which help to become fat quickly

How to become fat and best foods that help you gain weight

How to Become fat

If you will put this question in front of your friend and family then they will certainly ask you to get your mental check –up done, but what they will not understand the reason behind it. Well, if you are a man, even thinner than a matchstick then you should read this. Jokes a part!!

Seriously, but if you do not have proper height and weight ratio and you are underweight then you must gain weight alternatively become fat. Here you go.

Tip 1) how to become fat naturally:

Empty your fridge if it has fruit and fruit juice in it. As it is the healthy drink, then it is just your enemy in your deed. You can replace it with milk and protein shakes. It will help you gain body mass and you would be fat finally.

Tip 2) How to become fat from thin What foods make you gain weight:

Drinking and fat gain are somewhere relative. So go out and consume the drink, your one drink can gain you up to 1000 calories. And if you want to roll the count up to 2000 then accompany pizza, chicken wings and peanuts.

Tip 3) How to become fat quickly What foods make you gain weight:

Eat as much as carbs you can. Eat it at breakfast, eat it atlunch, and eat it at dinner. But make sure it is balanced and it is not the verge to let them go bad for you, increasing your insulin. So keep it continuous, keep it moderate.

Tip 4) How to become fat and gain weight What foods make you gain weight:

Home cooked food is good but not as compared to the food found outside if you want to gain the fat.Make it frequent to eat out and gain as much calories as you want. Eat the burger, pizza, and other fast foods and never keep slow.

Tip 5) How to become fat:

Become a big lazy compared to the active you were. Never opt for a gym and never opt to walk whenever you see a chance. Take car where you go, even if few meters away. Basically, the formula is that never walk, hence, your fat will not burn and you will keep storing them making your fatty.

Tip 6) How to become fat What foods make you gain weight:

Eat loaded food- loaded with fat, butter and the heavy grease, which can help you gain quick fat. Add burger with french-fries deeply fried in oil. You can even go frenzy with doughnuts, which are sugary and greasy. So options are vast, it is just that you need to move out the nearest eatery.

Tip 7) How to become fat:

Gaining weight is less successful without any market supplement. So, you can even opt for the commercial weight gainer. They can simply help put on the weight you have ever dreamt of. They will supply protein and calories that can help you gain fat quickly and flawlessly.

Tip 8) How to become fat:

Eat before going to bed. Yes, because this will help store the food instead of getting broken down into energy. Hence, you will have fat stored in your body, making you fat and healthy. So, always eat before going to bed, even if it is just the quick snack.

So, hope these hacks will help you gain weight and be fat as quick as possible.

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