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08 Apr

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Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice.  It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved      by – William Jennings Bryan

The Ultimate Guide To Change Your Brain and Change Your Life


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If you have never meditated, learning to meditate is one of the best things you can learn  in ten minutes and the advantages of meditation will last with you for life time. A simple meditation practice is to focus on your everyday breath and to notice the way you breathe, quietly say to yourself "I breathe in" … "I breathe out" …." I breathe in" …"I breathe out"…repeat this phrase for 3 minutes and you'll notice a change in focus and your mind state. Give it a go. Would love to know how you feel after this short intro to meditation will Change Your Life

Follow these 3 Words to Change Your Life

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This will take 30 seconds. There are 4 golden words – Please, Sorry, Thank you & Love you. Use them freely when interacting with people; half the problems will vanish. I was taught this in 4th grade and it's helped me both at personal and professional fronts. Hope it's of use to you too

A Small Diary

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Purchase a salary book from a book stores. I would recommend hard copy even in this age, when ready software / apps are available. However I will leave the choice to you. It takes only 5 minutes / month to copy your salary slip in it. You could detect instances of under payment as payment under some heads went missing due to HR or accounts error. This is easily noticed in salary book when you are easily able to see all heads compared to previous months.

Details like PF, superannuation, LTA, leave record, income tax; savings can also be recorded in it. Hard copy also has advantage that we sign on the top of the page every year. This will help you to clear signature mismatch issues which invariably croup up when LIC or bank deposits mature after many years. You can also update more data like major assets purchased and also major life events like your marriage, your son’s birth etc. You can also paste your passport photos periodically which can made this salary book a life time useful collection for you

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Another useful book you can purchanse is your childs baby book – also readily available in book stores. You can paste photographs, right from childhood till his/her marriage. It has records of his inoculation, height, weight, teeth and prints of his baby hands and feet. His scholastic record and other achievements. Its fun to update it as your child grows and more fun to go through it with your grown up child and later with his/her spouse when married. You can presented it to your child on the day of his marriage. It can be the best present and prized possession for him/her

Discuss with others

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Ask someone older, "What do you know at your current age that you dream you had known when you were my age?

Write Each day to Change Your Life

1.  Writing something you appreciate or are grateful for each day.  This will boost your confidence and make you happier.

2.  Communication.  I think this is the key to success. If you know how to best communicate and relate with people, you'll be able to do whatever you want

Skip You Tube Adds

–Here's another tip that I bet will save you a lot of time. For all of you that use Google Chrome, there is an add on that allows you to skip YouTube advertisements. It's called Ad-Block.

Here's the link:

Chrome Web Store

(Find out AdBlock from

I tried using it on other websites, like CNN, an to my surprise, it worked on those videos as well.

Again, it's an add-on for Google Chrome. I used it and I probably saved myself a lot more than ten minutes from those annoying commercials that come up after nearly every video. Hope this helps.

I'm using it while it still works because who knows when it will be obsolete.


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Try to remember people who have done bad to you for 9mn and take just one minute to forgive them all.

If you can forgive anyone in a second you will attain all human values Change Your Life

Learn to feel warmer and colder tips Change Your Life

On a cold day to feel warmer

Block your left nostril with a finger and breathe deeply through the right for 5 min. You will feel warmer instantly.

To feel cooler

Block your right nostril and breathe deeply through the left.

"Block" means to place the little and ring finger of your right hand on top of the left nostril or thumb on top of the right one.

These techniques are 100,000+ years old yogic secrets.

With practice, you can go to the North Pole in your beach wear. Or to a beach in your winter clothes.

To know how they work, who can use it and dangers for people with high blood pressure or certain other medical indications, please find a good teacher or read up on yoga breathing techniques.

Prayer also helps to Change Your Life

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Prayer..It just take 2 minutes. Be thankful for what u have and place the request for what u want the most. U will find most of the things, which u asked, to be coming true.

How Keep Vegetables fresh

To keep greens like say, coriander, fresh for a longer period: Place a cut lemon in the storage box/bag along with it. Both the greens and lemon slice will stay fresh. Preferably line the box/bag with paper towels to absorb any extra moisture.

Eisenhower box

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Have you heard about the Eisenhower box/matrix?If not then check it out.Its an amazing way of planning your day and once you make it a habit,it will help you throughout your life.Just search for Eisenhower box on google

Learn to clear blocked nose

How to clear your blocked nose : Step 1: Push repeatedly with one finger the spot above the bridge of your nose .This will move the bone of your nose and 'remove' the blockage. Method 2 works every time: Pinch your nose closed  and hold your breath for as long as you can hold it and move your head back and forward , and  this causes carbon dioxide to accumulate  which is the best natural vasodilator. It has helped most of the people many times especially at the end of a cold where the mucus is thick and won't budge.

Know Yourself

In the next ten minutes, do the following to Change Your Life:

1. Stop doing whatever you are doing

2. Close your eyes and take a deep breathe

3. Smile

4. Visualize your own image

5. Tell yourself that you are the best and that you love yourself

6. Promise yourself that you wont give anyone power to pull you down

7. Promise yourself that every morning when you wake up and every night before sleeping you will remind yourself that you are a happy person and that you have everything positive around you.

You still have 3 minutes left. Just feel your thoughts changing and let life take over….

Learn to breathe properly

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How to live a happy  How to breathe properly – slowly from the deepest part of your belly so that it moves in and out. You need to use your diaphragm, the large sheet-like muscle that lies at the bottom of the chest cavity. Slow and rhythmic breathing will help you regulate the flow of oxygen and CO2,  slow the heart rate – easing anxiety – and make sure your circulation is  carrying the proper amount of nutrients around the body. Breathing properly can reduce your stress levels also improve your workouts  and boost your immunity to infections and illnesses. Poor breathing can cause panic attacks and even insomnia and depression.Ten slow deep breaths can change a bad mood into a good one or an anxious mood into a calm one.

Spend some time alone everyday will help to Change Your Life

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Spend some time alone everyday and realize what is happening in your life and what to look at.

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